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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Remove Warts?

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Remove Warts?

by Shankari Das · March 16, 2022

Do you not have time for intensive skin care? You can still pamper yourself once you know the basics. A healthy lifestyle and good skin care choices may help delay your natural aging and prevent serious skin problems. Good, natural skin care is all about sun protection and gentle cleansing – it can keep your aging skin healthy, radiant, and glowing.

Taking proper care of your skin will help you to stay healthy. It is so important to have a well-thought-out skin care routine. Yes, it is worth the time and energy to take care of your skin daily.


What Causes Warts?

Warts are small, rough bumps of skin disease caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The idea behind this ACV treatment – is that acid destroys the cells of the wart tissue exactly as salicylic acid does. But note that you should dilute the acid before use, else it may cause burning or irritate your skin. In general, vinegar kills some types of bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar 1

Skin warts are relatively common, and most individuals will have them at least once at some point in their lives. These harmless raised bumps are found primarily on your hands and feet. They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). There is no cure for HPV, so most treatments aim to remove the wart.

Modern treatments for warts include:
1 Topical cream often contain salicylic acid
2 Freezing off warts (cryotherapy)
3 Surgical wart removal
4 Laser therapy

Remember that treating warts can be costly and painful. Sometimes you may require multiple treatments. Even after a successful wart treatment, warts may come back or spread to other body areas.

Note that during the ACV treatment, the acid destroys the cells of the wart tissue, similar to the way salicylic acid does. At high concentrations, salicylic acid is more effective in treating warts. But you should dilute acetic acid or ACV before use as it may cause burning and irritate your skin.

Note that acidic products could have side effects on the skin. So if you consider this treatment, you should proceed with caution and understand the side effects.


How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Warts?

Vinegar has been a household substance in use for hundreds of years. Vinegar can treat a variety of different ailments, from poison ivy to diabetes and stomach aches.

Apple cider vinegar is known for a number of reasons. ACV can exfoliate your skin, help your hair shine, and keep your teeth pearly-white. Hence there are good reasons to invest in this commonly available fermented drink for the beauty benefits alone. One such great advantage is – apple cider vinegar for warts.

Apple cider vinegar 2

People have found ACV helpful for several reasons. Firstly, vinegar is known for its antibacterial properties that can kill some types of bacteria and viruses.
Secondly, many believe apple cider vinegar works very similarly to salicylic acid. As the acidity in the vinegar helps discard dead skin cells. Therefore, the idea that apple cider vinegar can be used to treat warts was foreseen.

In general, vinegar is believed to work for warts in the following ways:
1 Vinegar is basically acetic acid, so it can kill some types of harmful viruses and bacteria on contact.
2 The vinegar will burn away and slowly destroy the infected skin. Over a period, it will cause the wart to fall off, quite similar to how salicylic acid works.
3 The irritation from the acids will help stimulate your immune system’s ability to fight the wart-causing virus.


How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Warts?

The most recommended method for treating a wart with ACV is quite simple. You only need a cotton ball, water, vinegar, and a bandage or duct tape.

It is an easy process and can also be used at home.

Apple cider vinegar 3


These are simple steps you can follow to treat your wart using ACV.

1 Mix one part of water with two parts of apple cider vinegar. Soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and water solution. Then apply the cotton ball directly to your wart.
2 Cover with tape or a bandage. Your aim should be to keep the cotton ball on the wart overnight or even longer if possible. Some people may even leave it on for up to 24 hours.
3 Next, remove the cotton ball and bandage and discard.
4 Replace the cotton ball with a fresh one, dipped in ACV each night.
5 Try repeating the step every night until your wart falls off.
6 You can see the wart might throb or swell. The skin on the wart might even turn black in the first few days. It signals that the skin cells around the wart have started to dry out.
7 You will notice the wart may fall off within 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. You should continue to use ACV for a few days so that the wart does not return.

There is a second method of creating a solution where you can submerge your hands or feet:
1 Mix equal parts, water, and apple cider vinegar in a large container or a bucket.
2 Submerge your hands or feet affected with warts for about 15-20 minutes every day.
3 Rinse the area with water when you complete.


Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe to Put on Warts?

You should know that vinegar is chemically a weak acid as it contains only 4 and 8 percent acetic acid. However, note that even weak acids may cause chemical burns on your skin.

There have been incidents where apple cider vinegar causes chemical burns when you directly apply it to your skin. So you should be extra careful when applying apple cider vinegar to your skin. It is likely that you may feel a mild burning sensation or irritation on your skin.

Apple cider vinegar 4

If you experience pain and a burning sensation that seems to worsen with time, remove the cotton ball from the area. Then rinse the area with fresh water. When you try this remedy, make sure you dilute the apple cider vinegar with water to help prevent such burns on your skin.

Be extra careful not to apply apple cider vinegar to open wounds or directly to your face or neck area. Also, note that never to use apple cider vinegar on a genital wart. As this type of wart is very different from a normal wart and should only be treated by your doctor medically.

Moreover, an allergic reaction is possible when you use any natural product. Common symptoms of an allergic reaction might include: the appearance of skin rash and hives, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, or fast heartbeat. If you encounter any of these conditions, you should seek medical help immediately.


Other Treatments that Uses ACV

Besides apple cider vinegar, there are other methods of treating warts. One method is to freeze the wart using a spray. Another approach is to use duct tape to treat the wart.

You can use salicylic acid to treat warts to dampen the skin regularly over several weeks. Over time the acid will slowly destroy the skin cells on the wart.

Apple cider vinegar 5


One possible treatment your doctor will use is the application of cantharidine. Your doctor will paint the chemical on your wart. The chemical causes your skin under the wart to blister off. Typically after 3 to 8 hours, the wart comes off. Note that this treatment is only done in a doctor’s office.
The American Academy of Dermatology also recommend the following treatments for warts: 1


The wart can be frozen off using a freezing spray. You may also find wart-freezing sprays over the counter.
Your doctor will only carry out this procedure at the doctor’s office. These sprays may first create a blister around the wart. Which will usually fall off after a while. Alternatively, a doctor can also remove the wart using a laser or scalpel.

2 Duct tape

Do you know that It is a proven treatment that warts can be treated by covering them with duct tape? It is also a well-known home remedy which people use for wart treatment. Your doctor may also use other nonporous tapes like electrical tapes.

Once you apply the duct tape over the wart, keep changing it every few days. The treatment requires leaving the tape on the wart most of the time. Note that you should remove the tape only for a few hours once per week. But you need to ensure that the tape is replaced frequently for hygienic reasons.

Apple cider vinegar 11


Like most natural remedies, the evidence that supports the fact is that apple cider vinegar used to treat warts is mostly anecdotal. Primarily because vinegar is widely available and is quite affordable.

Before switching to a more expensive treatment method, try these simple methods. But if you experience any burning sensation, dilute the vinegar more before applying it to your wart.

Note that warts are not usually painful and will not irritate. Most of them go away on their own with time. But some warts may rub against clothing or even bleed. Such warts can be annoying and uncomfortable. However, there is no guaranteed cure for warts. They may return in the same or in a different location.

Remember that ACV is not actually an approved treatment method. But you may use it like any other acid. Today you can find a range of over-the-counter medications and medical treatments available that might help.

When it comes to your kind of warts, you may need to try several different treatment methods before you find the right one. Even your dermatologist may support trying natural remedies in combination with conventional treatments. Talk to your doctor to review your options.

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