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BB Glow Facial in Sharjah

by Aziza · October 10, 2020

The new development in skincare technology is a face-glow treatment. The BB Glow therapy is an intense skin treatment, using cutting-edge, laser technology for penetration in deep skin layers. This laser penetration promotes the development of natural collagen and provides many other advantages.

What is a BB Glow Facial?

This helps provide structure, elasticity, and vibration to your skin. Collagen is a natural protein distributed in our bodies. Sadly as you grow older, the body develops less collagen, resulting in wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

Enhancing the development of collagen can easily, safely, and affordably enhance skin look and texture and certainly decrease the appearance of thin lines and wrinkles.

BB Glow facial in Sharjah also includes BB serum, made from natural ingredients to your skin. The serum of BB is used with a derma pen that penetrates the skin with microneedles. They are so small that they can barely be felt and the treatment is very gentle.

The treatment of skin glow enhances the skin by pores clearing and drying. It also accelerates the production of new cells in your skin, which increases the safety and beauty of your skin and reduces the effect of aging cells. BB Glow serum adds incredible nutrients and most importantly the color tint you desire.

BB Glow facial makes your skin glow

Who Are Good Candidates For BB Glow?

Those people having:

  • Dull, uneven skin texture
  • Freckles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post acne scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots and sunspots
  • Early aging and lax skin

What Are The Benefits Of BB Glow?

There are two main reasons why BB Glow is so appealing. First of all, the treatment makes the skin look as though you have no foundation. It is a cause for pride, but yet it can give people with acne scars or pigmentation.

Second, it’s a powerful anti-ageing process that boosts collagen production because of the BB Glow micro-needling component. The collagen has been adorned with the textures of the membranes of the skin, the collagen has the appearance of fine lines and the surface of the skin has been adorned.

Also, BB Glow facial in Sharjah by Al-Qudrah medical center perfect to mask redness and broken capillaries with rosacea. The serums, made of entirely natural and strong nutrients, provide additional benefits of BB Glows.

The BB Glow serum micro-needling technique lets them penetrate more deeply into the skin and provides the nutritional components to the greatest extent.

There is no need to se make-up everyday after BB Glow treatment.

Is BB Glow Safe?

It has a nano necessary technology and does not go far into the skin. BB Glow is very clean. Therefore, all BB serums are parabens, fragrances, alcohol, and allergens free.

What to Expect from BB Glow?

The treatment sets high standards to instantly boost the look and feel of your skin which can also be seen right after the first skin glow procedure. A treatment with BB Glow will make your skin feel more relaxed. Some of the improvements you may notice:

  • Fewer freckles
  • Brighter, more radiant skin
  • A more even skin tone
  • Less skin discoloration
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

How Long Does BB Glow Last?

BB Glow is a half-permanent type of composition. The findings last up to half a year with the right amount of treatments and after treatment. BB Glow tests are cumulative, like many other treatments in the makeup industry. In other words, each treatment kit gives you longer outcomes and fewer treatments are needed at the same time.

The Step-by-Step Guide to a BB Facial:

Here’s a complete breakdown on what happens in a BB Glow Facial:

Step1: A deep cleansing is initiated. This is when the kind of cleanser applicable for your skin type is decided. The cleanser chosen should be able to remove all the surface debris and excessive oil that has accumulated on the skin.

Step2: Next is the process of exfoliation. This is when an exfoliating gel is applied on the skin. The exfoliation cleans the pores and it removes all the dead skin cells accumulated on the skin.  This will allow better absorption of the bb glow serum.

Step3:  This is where a neutralization toner is made use of. This is a toning mechanism that helps in establishing the skin’s preferred optimal pH level. It helps in hydrating the skin in a better way.

Step4: Now a custom-made booster serum is applied which is specific to your skin requirements and it is applied by making use of micro-needling abilities which give the BB Glow application a definite boost.

Step5: The BB Glow Serum is then selected as per your desired shade. It is applied by making use of micro-needling technology.

Step6: Now a bio silk mask which is basically a hydrating mask is then applied on the BB Glow Serum. Its main affect is to keep your skin hydrated and provide long, soothing effects.

Step7: One of the last and important steps is the application of the LED light therapy. This medical grade LED light therapy works great, as it is applied at intervals of 15mins to the desired area of treatment.

Step8: This is a professional peptide cream, used to sooth and restore the affected area.

Is There Any Downtime After BB Glow?

As soon as you finish, you can resume your routine. You can have temporary pain, tightness, and redness for 1-2 days, however, if you have sensitive skin. Some people have mild nose-and-mouth peeling, especially if the skin is dehydrated.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

To produce the expected results, most patients would need at least two procedures. You may need a 3-6 treatment for the first kit, depending on the skin coverage you like or the severity of the fault covered.

Each session lasts about 1.5 hours. Al-Qudrah medical center offers the best bb glow facial in Sharjah, so get the best treatment from the professionals.

Amazing results after BB Glow facial

What Are The Risks of BB Glow?

The majority of risks are related to the products which are not degradable on the facial ingredients. This may lead to side effects such as;

Allergies and Contact Dermatitis:

The risk of allergies and dermatitis of touch may be increased by these products. Some of the formulations used in this procedure contain up to 44 ingredients, many of them noted for their adverse skin effects.

Post-inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH):

Particularly those with light skin tones who are concurrently the primary target audience for BB Glow treatment are more susceptible to PIH.


The worst thing is that this procedure will, over long-term, cause cancer and is a dangerous result that can take years to reveal, invisible to the naked eye.

Aftercare to a BB Glow Treatment

There are certain steps that you must follow to ensure your BB Facial will yield long-lasting results. Follow these and you will have vibrant skin for a long time:

*Don’t use sunscreen or put on makeup for at least12 hours after the treatment.

*Wash your face often. It is especially important to wash it a few hours after the treatment and whenever going to bed.

*Make use of a very gentle cleanser. This is to ensure there aren’t harsh chemicals applied on the skin.

*It is important that you don’t apply any makeup but you can apply mineral makeup two days after treatment.

  • After three days of treatment, you can then come back to your regular skincare routine.
  • Don’t use any alcohol-based products as these would affect the healing process negatively

*Avoid going into direct sunlight for 24 hours.

*Swimming should also be avoided at this time period, for at least 2-3 days

*Recovery also requires that you don’t involve in heavy exercise for at least 2days post treatment.


What Is Included In BB Glow?

This treatment included the following steps:

Carboxy Therapy:
Carboxy gel on your skin is applied and accompanied by a lemon acid-activated fabric mask. It begins to bubble and the customer feels heat. That is the natural reaction of the skin that contains oxygen. The reaction slows down in a few minutes.
Afterward, it will feel comfortable and peaceful. Carboxytherapy makes the skin tumble, improves elasticity and wrinkles and helps eliminate toxins. This helps to lighten and balance the skin. We keep the gel on, so the rest of the liquid can be absorbed for 20 minutes.
BB Glow:
BB Glow is a process in which we use a device to microwave. MESO White Serum is one of the items we use. There is a basis for MESO white serum such that it offers fast coverage, minimizes pores and smooth wrinkles. The skin tone’s going to look even more.
MESO also has hyaluronic acid that plumps the skin more and gives radiance as well as vitamin C in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and scratches. BB serum not only offers coverage but also protects the inside of skin. Because we use a microneedle penetrating the base into the skin, the skin has a BB cream effect lasting many months after several processes.
LED Light Therapy:
Initially, NASA developed LED— Light Emitting Diode Therapy, which helps marine seals recover from their injuries and regenerate their muscles.
It was not much until researchers discovered, however, their specific therapeutic advantages in cosmetic skincare— namely to minimize fine lines and wrinkles in certain light wavelengths, promote collagen development and boost new tissue growth.
The serum is left under the LED light for an additional 20 minutes. The light will contribute to drug absorption and collagen development.