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Beauty Center in Sharjah

Beauty Center in Sharjah

by Azka Munir · March 9, 2021

Everyone wishes for beautiful, flawless skin. However, the natural aging process makes it difficult to maintain ever-young wrinkle free skin.

Do you see fine lines, age spots and hyperpigmentation? Maybe it is time to visit a Beauty Center in Sharjah.

But what does a Beauty Center in Sharjah entail?

Keep reading to learn more about our skin services and procedures at AlQudrah Medical Center that will leave you with ever glowing and youthful skin.


What is a Beauty Center in Sharjah?

You may call spa, beauty salon, a hair salon in Sharjah and parlors as beauty centers.However, you should always go to a certified specialist or dermatologist for your beauty treatments.

Therefore, a beauty center must have skin treatments carefully conducted by a skin specialist, esthetician or dermatologist.

beauty center in sharjah face

A beauty center in Sharjah will focus on reducing:

  • Wrinkles
  • Finelines
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scars

And overall giving a youthful boost to your skin and overall look accompanied by relaxing massages and nail extensions.

These processes are conducted under the supervision of and by a certified dermatologist and esthetician.

Therefore, there are fewer chances of complications and side effects.

However, if you get skin and laser treatments from a spa and uncertified professional then you are taking a risk with your skin.

Your skin is as much an important organ as the rest of your body.

Hence, you need to take care of it equally well.

There are a number of skin, hair and laser treatments that you can get at Alqudrah Medical Center.

These include Skin Analysis, PRP for face and hair, micro-needling, botox, laser stretch marks removals, Hifu and many more.

Let’s look at them in detail below.


Skin Treatments at Beauty Center in Sharjah

You will first start with a Skin Analysis. Dermatologists and Estheticians will analyze your skin type, its condition and your lifestyle habits.

This will help them determine the reason behind your skin conditions and how to treat them.

Next, they will advise you of treatments best suited to your skin type and condition.

skin treatments


You can get a Hydrfacial session to clean your pores and overall exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

Hydra Facial in Sharjah helps to rejuvenate your skin and reduce your wrinkles thereby reducing signs of aging.

Hydradermabrasion and chemical peels help to exfoliate your skin and remove any underlying dead c=skin cells.

This cleanses your skin of impurities and triggers the body’s natural healing process.

Next, you get painless extractions to remove any white and blackheads plus you continue with mesotherapy to tighten and moisturize the skin.

Hence, Hydrafacial sessions are done in a multi-step process: Cleansing, Exfoliating, Extracting and Hydrating.

A HydraFacial in Sharjah will leave you with clean, clear and hydrated skin.

Gold Stamp Therapy

Gold Stamp Therapy is essentially micro needling with a twist.

Microneedling stamps your skin with a derma pen containing 9 needles.

This stamping helps serums and Platelet-rich Plasma to reach deep into your skin.

Gold stamp therapy is the same with an added feature.

The grade needles in Gold stamp therapy are plated with 24k Gold. Hence, that is where the name emerges from.

A Gold Stamp Therapy activates collagen and elastin in your skin and gives your skin a collagen boost.

It also brightens the sun-exposed skin and makes your skin soft and supple.


You must have heard about Botox.

It is one of the most popular treatments in this day and time.

You should not get botox from a spa and but from a botox clinic in Sharjah.

Botox relaxes your facial muscles hence it reduces the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines.

It can also reduce the appearance of your smile lines and can decrease your sweating.

A new trend in town is of botox brow lift. This can give your eyebrows the perfect shape and curve.

This procedure is non-invasive so there is no downtime.

You can go about your day as usual Moreover, the results may last up to a year.

Dermal Fillers

Often confused with Botox, Dermal fillers are not used to relax your muscles but to restore volume.

Hence they smoothen your creases, fine lines and smile lines but botox is better to treat wrinkles.

They can enhance and plump parts of your body and face like lips.

Therefore, if you want to regain lost volume, you should choose dermal fillers.

However, this process should only be carried out delicately and skillfully by a professional hand.

Therefore you should choose a filler clinic in Sharjah for your treatment.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment involves your own blood plasma and micro needling.

A PRP facial and PRP for hair in Sharjah treats you with your own blood plasma.

Isn’t it interesting?

Your dermatologist takes a blood sample from your arm and places it in a centrifuge to separate platelets from red blood cells and white blood cells.

This platelet-rich plasma is placed on your face and is micro needled in your skin.

It is a painful procedure but ends quickly with no huge side effects.

As your own platelets are used, there is no chance of infection.

After getting PRP in Sharjah you will notice glowing, pigmentation and acne scars free skin.

PRP is ideal to rejuvenate your skin. Your skin will feel so fresh, glowing and supple that you can go foundation-free for months.

Other skin treatments include Mesotherapy, IV Vitamin therapy, Beaty Masks, Microneedling and BB Glow Facial.

Though, you can also get laser treatments in a beauty center.

Find more about the laser treatments in the beauty center in Sharjah below.


Laser Treatments

Skin treatments can rejuvenate your skin but laser treatments can also tighten, contour and brighten your skin.

Moreover, laser treatments can achieve what skin treatments cannot.

They can help you get rid of stretch marks, tattoos and unwanted hair to achieve smooth clear skin.

Also, laser treatments can be carried out on the face as well as other body parts.

laser treatment


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound helps to contour your body and tighten it without needing invasive surgery.

HIFU in Sharjah is a good alternative to a surgical facelift. Hifu treatment cost is also much less than a surgical facelift.

You can get HIFU services on your face, thighs, stomach and neck.

HIFU helps to smoothen skin by producing collagen.

The ultrasound targets deep skin layers to stimulate the production of collagen which improves elasticity tightens skin and reduces signs of aging.

Moreover, it also targets fat cells to melt them and reduce localized bulge hence sculpting and contouring your body.

Laser Stretch Marks Removal

Most women get stretch marks during their pregnancy but you can get stretch marks as long as your connective tissue stretches.

These bands can either look red, purple, or white in color.

Hence, you can also get them if you have lost or gained weight.

Through laser stretch marks removal, the outer layer of skin restructures the overlying skin.

The laser makes striae less noticeable and smoother.

An ablative laser targets the stretch marks and destroys the skin layer. Hence, new skin tissue appears which

However, the nonablative laser does not remove the upper layer of skin rather it targets the lower skin surface to produce more collagen to smoothen skin.

This smoothness helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Fractional Laser

You can also get a fractional laser for stretch marks removal.

A fractional Laser is used to smoothen your skin and make it wrinkle-free.

Smoothening skin can also help smoothen striae and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Though, you can also get the fractional laser in Sharjah for fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles.

Fractional laser is also carried out using ablative and nonablative lasers.

These lasers either targets the upper skin layer by wounding it or increasing collagen growth in deep skin layers.

Either way the smooth skin helps to reduce your wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and fine lines across your body.

Soft Light Laser

Noone likes unwanted hair but contact waxing and shaving can get tiring.

Therefore soft light laser in Sharjah can help you get rid of unwanted hair in a matter of months.

This laser hair removal treatment is performed on any part of the body except near the eye.

Laser hair removal can be done on upper lips in less than a minute while bigger areas like legs may require up to 2 hours in a session.

Soft light laser targets the hair follicles and burns it from the roots so that there is no further hair growth from that area.

The device is adjusted in accordance with your skin color and hair color.

These treatments work best on dark hair and lighter skin.

You will require multiple sessions to get rid of this unwanted hair permanently.

The results are long-lasting so you will not require another session for several years.

Moreover, you will get smoother, hairless skin after your treatment.

Also, soft light laser treatments hurt much less than waxing. You may feel a stingy sensation and notice some redness but it will go away after a while.

Other lasers and skin treatments include wart and skin tag removal, tattoo removal and chemical peel.

Learn more about What To Expect in a Beauty Center? here.


Your skin deserves as much care as your other organs.

Therefore, you should give your skin more attention and keep it good looking and healthy.

Skin and laser treatments can help you get rid of signs of aging and sun damage.

You should only get skin treatments through a certified professional dermatologist and esthetician.

Hence, you should visit our beauty center in Sharjah at AlQudrah Medical Center to give your skin a new glow and freshness.

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