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Hydrafacial in Dubai: Most Popular Treatment

Hydrafacial in Dubai: Most Popular Treatment

by Shankari Das · March 22, 2022

All of us want to have bright, smooth, and youthful-looking skin. But instead of spending on expensive skin oils, creams, essences, and serums, you can opt for a multi-step skin care routine. HydraFacial in Dubai can be a reliable treatment option.

You may be able to achieve a natural glow with just one session. This treatment is rising in popularity and has become a familiar name.

For those of you whom it is unfamiliar, the treatment is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment. It will effectively clear out your skin pores and also hydrates your skin. So primarily, the procedure does two things at the same time. The treatment is offered by many at licensed medical professional facilities. Alternatively, you can also visit a nearby clinic to find a certified HydraFacial esthetician.

The procedure is a four-step process that mainly includes cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating your skin with serums. The treatment helps rejuvenate your skin better. During the procedure, your specialist will infuse the serums into the pores using the pen-like device called the HydraPeel Tip.

About HydraFacial in Dubai

The serums have anti-aging and antioxidant properties that are generally tailored to address your unique skin needs. Your dermatologist and doctor would be the right person to suggest the suitable serums required for your skin type.

Recently, the procedure has become an in-demand service because it creates a ‘wow factor’ in firming and brightening your skin.

You can schedule to get the procedure done before a big event. Otherwise, you can also opt for it as part of your routine to maintain glowing, healthy skin.


What is HydraFacial Treatment?

You should note that HydraFacial is an advanced form of facial treatment that helps rejuvenate your skin. The therapy has three distinct steps – deep cleansing, exfoliation, and replenishing the skin’s hydration with serums.

After the treatment, your skin will appear youthful and radiant, as the procedure would help in diminishing signs of aging.

HydraFacial in Dubai 2

The HydraFacial in Dubai is typically a facial treatment involving multiple steps. It is performed using a proprietary machine known as HydraFacial MD. The renowned company Edge Systems manufactures these machines.
You would be surprised to know that one session of HydraFacial device can cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and deliver various rejuvenating serums to your skin.

What are HydraFacial Skincare Benefits?

The treatment can improve your skin in a ton of ways. The benefits include a more bright, hydrated, plump, and clear complexion.

In addition, it can also improve your signs of aging. The treatment will reduce fine lines and wrinkles increase firmness and texture. It can remove brown spots, even tone, as well as reduce enlarged pores.

Proponents of this HydraFacial Dubai treatment describe the treatment as one that can help maintain long-term skin health. Remember that it is more than your typical spa treatment. The company offering this procedure states that it is so popular worldwide that the HydraFacial procedure is performed every 15 seconds. Yes, today, it is available in more than 80 countries all across the world.

The results of HydraFacial treatment are immense. After only one session, you can notice visible changes in your skin. Your skin will feel fresh and youthful as the fine lines, aging, wrinkles, blemishes, and spots are minimized, and skin texture is restored.


Who Should Get a HydraFacial and Why?

Everyone can enjoy the HydraFacial treatment as it is suitable for virtually any age and skin type. The treatment is nice for adults with pimples, hyper-pigmentation, and wrinkles. It is also suitable for teenagers with acne.

The HydraFacial procedure is appropriate for all skin tones, according to the company. Your doctor or dermatologist may suggest you avoid the treatment if you have an active sunburn, rash, or rosacea. Even pregnant patients should abstain from this treatment.

HydraFacial in Dubai 3


HydraFacial is suitable for teens, adults and older patients too. The treatment is also suitable for older patients with sun damage and even people with flaky pre-cancerous spots.

Note that if you are pregnant, you should skip the treatment. A few of the ingredients used during the procedure, like salicylic acid, need to be thoroughly tested for use during pregnancy. But there is a controversy in this regard. Few experts suggest that salicylic acid may be safe to use for only a limited time, especially during pregnancy. You should always check with your doctor before you get a HydraFacial while you are pregnant.

Another important thing is that you may have to adjust your regular skin care routine before your appointment. Your doctor might suggest that you stop using prescription creams for a few days before the treatment. These simple steps would help avoid irritation and side effects that might erupt.

HydraFacial in Dubai at The Clinic

As you may have understood, HydraFacial is a multi-step treatment at the clinic. The procedure effectively removes wrinkles and fine lines, thus improving firmness and elasticity. In the process, it enhances skin tone and skin texture. The treatment can help your skin remedy sun damage.

Note that the HydraFacial treatment is a non-irritant, painless treatment that takes 25 to 40 minutes to complete. Moreover, it does not cause irritation or inflammation.

With this latest technology at its disposal, most clinics in Dubai today use the power of this treatment. As it can remove impurities and hydrate your skin which gives a radiant-looking skin.

How Often Should You Get HydraFacial Done?

Treatment at most clinics is gentle on your skin. Therefore, you can get it done as often as weekly or even monthly -solely depending on your skin type. You can also try other similar treatments like Oxygeneo facial treatment at these clinics.

Note that the HydraFacial procedure is carried out under the most experienced specialist and doctors. Discuss with your doctor if you are planning to get the treatment to rejuvenate your skin.


How Does a HydraFacial Work Exactly?

Note that HydraFacial is not precisely microdermabrasion but is far better. The device will use an exfoliating tip paired with a suction arrangement. The pen will remove all kinds of dead skin cells from your facial skin surface.

Your therapist will exfoliate your skin depending on your treatment plan. After which, they will infuse serums into the skin. The whole treatment is effective only because of the last step.

HydraFacial in Dubai 4

The treatment requires minimal downtime, and the complete treatment often lasts for thirty minutes.

The treatment is similar to another skin treatment like microdermabrasion. During Microdermabrasion, your therapist will use a very mild abrasive instrument to gently sand from your skin. In the end, the procedure will help remove the thicker, uneven outer layer for your long-term smooth skin.

The three significant steps involved in a HydraFacial are as follows:

1 Cleanse and Peel

It is the first resurfacing step that exfoliates your skin. It commonly involves the process of removal of dead cells from the outermost layer of your skin. This process is referred to as exfoliation. This procedure has long been known to have beneficial skin effects.

After the treatment, your skin looks brighter with unclogging pores. In the long term, it will help increase collagen production. All these steps are carried out using the HydraFacial device tip. It will help generate a fluid vortex over your skin surface that will slowly dissolve dead skin cells and other impurities.

2 Extract and Hydrate

The device tip helps get the junk out of your pores and delivers the topical moisturizers. Your therapist will do both these processes at the same time.

3 Fuse and Protect

Your therapist will use serums or boosters towards the end. These are geared toward your skin goal. Your therapist will often include substances that will help reduce the appearance of dull skin, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, or wrinkles. The treatment is customized through these boost serums.


FAQs About HydraFacial in Dubai

Is the HydraFacial customizable? Yes, you can switch. You can switch up the serums during the treatment to specifically target your skincare problems such as dullness or aging. Even better, your dermatologist may offer additional treatment add-ons.

The treatment destroys acne bacteria and works to heal and reduce your breakouts. It also assists in wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation of your skin.

HydraFacial in Dubai 5


Below are some of the common queries:

1 Which is Better: HydraFacial or Microdermabrasion?

HydraFacial and Microdermabrasion procedures use abrasion to exfoliate your dead skin cells. But when you compare the two – compared to microdermabrasion, the serums used in HydraFacial penetrate much deeper into the skin. Hence HydraFacial treatment produces much better results.

During HydraFacial, once the dead skin cells are exfoliated, hydration is provided to your skin in healthy serums. These serums make all the difference. Therefore, HydraFacial is better than those of Microdermabrasion. Moreover, HydraFacial suits people with sensitive skin.

2 Can HydraFacial in Dubai Reduce Acne?

Yes, the treatment is reliable and safe for treating acne scars. The procedure has become a painless extraction with patented Vortex fusion delivery technology.

The spiral design of the tip and the proprietary vacuum technology and serums, create the vortex effect. The process successfully dislodges and removes impurities while delivering hydrating skin solutions simultaneously.

Therefore, you can quickly get rid of your pore-clogging and acne-causing elements with this procedure. Moreover, you can also reduce the effects of scarring and hyperpigmentation.

23 Is HydraFacial Painful?

Many are curious to know if the procedure is painful. But remember that it is a non-invasive technique as it improves the appearance of your skin, and it is not painful.

If you have undergone these sessions before, you may describe it as a tiny vacuum that might work on your skin. Most people experience no irritation, pulling feeling, or discomfort during the treatment.

4 Is a HydraFacial Better than a Regular Facial?

Note that HydraFacial is an advanced version of many of your regular facials. It produces far better results than your regular facials.

Compared to other treatments, the HydraFacial process first deep cleanses your skin, after which it exfoliates the dead skin. This step is very crucial, and this step makes all the difference. These steps will address different issues of your skin through a single treatment.

Hydrafacial in Dubai 11

One Last Thing About HydraFacial in Dubai

The facial treatment is only a 30-minute process that suits all skin tones. The added advantage is that the treatment does not require any downtime. Additionally, your complexion will look much better when you walk out of doors.

It is an excellent choice if you want fresh and glowing skin. If you are looking for an instant remedy to improve the quality of your skin, then HydraFacial is 100 percent worth it.

Many people have reported seeing a radiant skin tone and visible skin refinement after one treatment. If you want to avail the best HydraFacial in Dubai offers, give us a call today and get in touch with our team. So what are you waiting for, book today?

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