Dental Hygenist and Their Importance To Dental Care-Why You Need One!

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Dental Hygienist and Their Importance To Dental Care

by Mehr Jan · November 2, 2020

Dental care is one of the most important aspects of your oral hygiene. It saves plenty of money when you have your oral health in order.
And don’t need to spend oodles of money on expensive treatments.

Did you know there are over billions of bacteria living inside of our mouths at any given time?
It serves well to know the basics on maintaining dental hygiene. Or at the very least, get a professional take care of your teeth’s health.

However a dental hygienist does a whole lot more than that. They don’t just focus on oral diseases but your overall health. An oral health professional works full-time in public health after getting a degree in dental hygiene.


What does a Dental Hygienist do?


dentist hygienist helps with your oral care

They actually work side by side a dentist. Their major focus is to highlight the preventive techniques for oral healthcare. Among the line-up of duties, their major task is to clean teeth (dental scaling) and examine gums.

They focus and emphasize on the need to maintain optimal oral health as a part of a larger system. This systematic view of dental care benefits the patient in majorly two ways, quality oral care and reduction in the financial costs.

 Major Activities a Dental Hygienist Takes Care of:

*They are also responsible for looking at your medical history

*Serve some major pointers on how you can adapt solid oral healthcare techniques

*Lighten a dentist’s work by taking on dental health assessments

*Conduct minor procedures, including tooth polishing, stains and tartar removal

*Take care of general dental inspections before surgery

*Carry out preliminary work for fitting braces

*Will take molds of the teeth before reconstructive surgery


How Different Is a Dental Hygienist’s Role from that of a Dentist’s?

So if a dental hygienists work is so similar to that of a dentist, then why even have one?

Because its an important part of the dental structure. 

To ensure a patient faces minimized dental problems in the future, it’s crucial that a dentist makes use of the skills and services of a dental hygienist properly.

Simply put, their work compliments one another. A dentist aims for customized, complicated and advanced dental procedures. Whereas a dental hygienist mainly targets your simpler dental needs.

It helps the dentist to carry their tasks giving support with dental cleaning and teeth whitening.

They are also responsible for educating visitors on dental regimes. As well as home remedies for home practice, keeping teeth health and prevent tooth decay.

Due to dental hygienists having access to patients’ medical files, they can provide customized solutions to their oral problems. They can even identify any concerns and anomalies that may come into the picture.


The Importance of Dental Health

protect teeth from germs

Having healthy teeth doesn’t come easy.

You need to give constant care and attention to your mouth’s health as it helps you to save money (lots of it) from any future tooth restoration treatments that will be needed.

A person, even those with a strong set of teeth are prone to having tooth decay and gum diseases.

There are various kinds of germs that are being made every time the food and drinks you take in are recycled. About 700 kinds of microorganisms exist in the human mouth, that’s a large number.

In the process, this bacteria leads to issues like tooth decay and other mouth diseases. There can also be the production of acids in the mouth to our unhealthy intake of food and drink, especially anything which is sugary.

But the good news is:

While there are various factors which cause dental concerns, thankfully a dental hygienist can tackle and guide you on ways to tackle them effectively.


Spotting the Early Signs of Decay

If your teeth are facing decaying issues, these will be more likely spotted and sorted better when done at a dentist’s office.

Setting up an appointment and getting your teeth checked and cleaned on a regular basis doesn’t allow for such abnormalities to form. However sometimes the build-up of plaque can point towards something more drastic.

Hence you need to get your medical history reviewed by a dental hygienist with more frequent visits to the dentist’s office.

Saving your oral health and promoting a healthy lifestyle is what the powerful dentist and dentist hygienist aim for.

The latter also provides insights on the best techniques you can adapt for cleaning at home, including the effective brush type to use and how to floss correctly.

Some of the major ways a dental hygienist will identify troublesome tooth decay:

Excruciating Pain

You will be having severe pain when trying to chew something or take a bite out of anything. Experiencing pain when consuming anything either hot or cold, there might be a tooth infection or cavity that should be checked.

High Sensitivity

If you are noticing your teeth are being overly sensitive, it is time to setup an appointment with the dentist. It should be detected and shown soon before it leads to the necessity of getting a root canal or dental filling done- your dentist hygienist will evaluate the state your tooth/teeth are in.

Discoloration Detected

Since you don’t feel pain, sometimes a patient can neglect the reasons of why their teeth may be discolored. In such cases, where one of your teeth seems grayer in color than others, it’s better to get a professional dental hygienist to review and decide how to adapt a strong dental practice and remedy before the need of any major operations.

Identifying Troublesome Holes

These are basically pit-like holes which develop on the surface of the teeth and again cause no pain, hence are often neglected. However the decayed area can cause further damage in your mouth, so setting up an appointment and letting a dental hygienist review your case is a wise choice.


How to Spot a Good Dental Hygienist?

your hygienist needs to be certified

Looking into how they are in charge of getting us dental prevention which is better than cure, a worthy dental hygienist must:

*Highly Certified

Before signing up, make sure your dental hygienist has obtained his certification from an accredited dental association.

*Embrace Ethical Practices

Its fine to know and question how they will lead their practice as being humble and caring needs to be a criteria.


There must be a bond of trust and understanding between a hygienist and the patient. Having a nonthreatening attitude will allow a dental hygienist to get all the detailed information on their medical history.

*Efficient Educators

The most important part of education is listening and asking the relevant questions. It’s only then that you can understand what the questions and concerns are of the patient. Hygienists are preventive specialists and inflammatory experts who are changing the way patients view their oral health.

*Solid Team Players

One of their major traits should be to act as team players and provide solutions to problems, taking into account your views and recommendations too.

*They Will Deliver

Keeping the interests of the patients on the highest level, they will aim to provide clinical protocols which are leading factors towards optimal health care.


Firstly…Setup Your Dental Hygienists Appointment

It turns out your initial appointments set up with a dental hygienist make the whole dental experience become smoother.

A few regular sessions with a hygienist allows you to familiarize yourself. It allows you to feel at ease and more educated before a full dental check-up is scheduled.

During your appointment, your dental hygenist will:

Check your medical history, extra-oral, and intra-oral cancer check, and looks at the periodontal chart.

This chart helps to identify whether the gums are healthy or if there is a disease present.

Moreover, they will scale and clean your teeth with the help of an ultrasonic scaler that uses vibration and a water tip to remove calculus from your teeth and under the gums.

They may also use a hand scaler along with ultrasonic scalers to remove calculus to remove remaining debris.

Afterward, they will apply a polish that contains fluoride.

This past helps to remove any extrinsic staining from your teeth and leaves them smooth and fresh.

Later, they will then give you oral hygiene instructions and education for maintaining your oral and dental health.

During this, they will also show you the correct toothbrushing techniques and different methods of cleaning your teeth, like using floss, floss picks, or other instruments according to your needs.

Moreover, during your visit to a dental hygeist, they will also determine whether you need a 6 monthly or 12 monthly checkups.

In such a case, they will also notify your dentist and will join them to make sure to have a complete and comprehensive appointment and consultation.


Get Regular Dental Check-ups

Avoiding long-term dental issues is why a dental hygienist is important. They will stop the trouble from brewing further.

Consider them as peacemakers- wanting you to avoid drastic dental measures early on.

They will provide you with complete dental check-ups if visited on regular basis, spotting for any areas of concern faster. Your qualified dental hygienist will serve you and keep your teeth in optimal condition if visited regularly.

Moreover, regular dental checkups are important as they help to keep your mouth and gums healthy, thus, maintaining your overall dental health.

There are 2 parts of a dental checkup:

  • the check-up
  • cleaning process

During the checkup, your dental professional will check your overall health and look for the signs of any trouble in both your gums and teeth.

On the other hand, during dental cleaning your hygenist will remove plaque and tartar buildup and may also polish your teeth.

It is important to note that you should visit bi-annually or twice a year your dentist to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Dental Hygienist?

Now that you know why a dental hygienist is so important to complete your optimal dental care, we at Al-Qudrah offer you amazing services. And you get to have a little meet and greet with our team of capable of dental hygienists.

Once you’re certain they are the right one, you will get signed one. You will create your little dental communnity with Al-Qudrah.

Moreover, our dental hygienist will look into your case history and will provide comprehensive views and feedback on gaining optimal advantage from your dental care package.

So call today and look into ways in which we can provide all your dental needs in the best way.

It’s never too late to see your dental hygienist and get a check on your dental health and what needs to be done to keep your oral dental practices in healthy condition.

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