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Dental Whitening in Sharjah

Dental Whitening in Sharjah

by Azka Munir · February 23, 2021

When was the last time you smiled brightly, confidently, and unhindered? If you do not seem to remember it, we have a problem.

Are your yellow teeth stopping you from smiling to your heart’s content? Then maybe you should go for Dental whitening.

This article discusses Dental whitening in Sharjah. Learn what kind of treatments you can get to lighten the color of your teeth and smile brightly.


Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

While it is said that yellow teeth are considered natural, your teeth are probably discolored because of the food and drinks you consume and oral hygiene. Oral health and hygiene can affect the whiteness of your teeth.

You can ger intrinsic or extrinsic discoloration that can be treated by Dental Whitening.

Your teeth do not stain suddenly. Discoloration is a process and happens over time.

avoid discoloration by dental whitening in sharjah

Extrinsic Stains

Your enamel gets exposed to colored beverages and foods that darken the enamel hence, your teeth.

These include coffee, tea, red wine, foods such as berries. Taking these regularly will darken your tooth enamel.

Another reason for yellow teeth is smoking. If you smoke regularly then over time you will notice yellower teeth.

Intrinsic Stains

This kind of discoloration and staining happens inside the teeth, not on the outside.

Hence the part stained is the dentin, not the enamel.

You can get intrinsic discoloration because of aging. Over the years, your enamel weakens hence, it is easier for the detin to stain and look yellow or grey.

Your teeth may also stain intrinsically if you have had a childhood illness or take antibiotics like Tetracycline.

Also, if you have been exposed to fluoride or there was fluoride in your water in childhood, your teeth may have stained intrinsically.


Why Should You Get Dental Whitening?

You may have heard about teeth whitening products, teeth whitening treatment and over-the-counter kits.

However, these products contain about 3 to 20 percent of the bleaching agent carbamide peroxide.

Whereas, dental products in-office at a dentist’s clinic contain about 15 to 43 percent of carbamide peroxide.

Hence, dental products are much stronger and work quicker.

whitening need

Moreover, you may try whitening gels and strips for extrinsic discoloration but you will only require Dental whitening for intrinsic discoloration. You should get Dental whitening in Sharjah if you notice yellow and brown spotting and white streaks on your teeth.

Moreover, you notice your enamel darkening and dentin becoming yellower.

But most of all, you should get a high quality whitening dental treatment if you notice that your self-esteem and confidence are affected by your teeth.

If you catch yourself smiling carefully and hiding your teeth, then it is high time you take it seriously.

Whiter brighter teeth not only affect your self-esteem but also your social position.

Yellow teeth are unfortunately associated with bad oral habits and hygiene

Even if this may not be the case, yellow teeth give that impression to others.

This greatly affects your self-esteem.

Hence, if you do not want to worry anymore about smiling brightly in a professional or personal setting then get your dental whitening treatment.


The Procedure of Dental Whitening in Sharjah

At AlQudrah Medical Center we use In-house Zoom Teeth Whitening to whiten your teeth in one visit.

Though, we also provide residential Teeth Whitening.

Our dentists and dental hygienists can make customized mouth trays and whitening kits for you to use in your homes after the tooth whitening treatment.


Medical experts and professionals see teeth and dental whitening as a medical procedure.

Hence, you should get dental whitening overlooked by a dentist or dental hygienist in medical centres.

Before the procedure, our dentists will examine your overall oral health.

They will check if you have gum disease or previous dental work like veneers which renders teeth whitening ineffective.

They will carry out dental prophylaxis to thoroughly clean all your teeth and remove existing tartar and plaque.

Next, they will begin the procedure and discuss your expectations.


We use the Philips Zoom Whitening system to lighten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter in one visit.

You may require more than one visit if your teeth have shades of grey.

However, this system works best on yellow teeth.

Our dentists at AlQudrah Medical Center will ask for your preference and meet your expectations.

Firstly, your mouth is covered with a shield to protect your lips and gums from the bleaching agent.

The bleaching agent is then applied to your teeth.

This bleaching agent is a whitening gel that contains carbamide peroxide.

This carbamide peroxide breaks into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen after it comes into contact with heat from the Zoom Whitening system.

The Zoom device is placed near your teeth and this process is repeated every 15-minute intervals.

Hence, your dentist applies the bleaching agent or whitening gel at least thrice.

Therefore, the process itself might be of 45 minutes long and your session will end in a maximum of 2 hours.

You will see a dramatic change and will leave our clinic with pearly white teeth.

Results and Aftercare

You can carry on your day as usual after your session.

However, your teeth may feel a little sensitive and experience a tingling sensation.

However, do not worry. Dental whitening does not make your enamel weak.

The Amorphous Calcium Phosphate actually gives enamel protection.

This helps to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth and also improves luster.

Your teeth might feel sensitive for a while but that will not last long.

Moreover, our dentists will also provide you anti sensitive toothpaste to apply immediately after the procedure.

If you have a high gag response then you should inform our dentists beforehand.

The procedure may be a little difficult for you but do not worry, our dentists will take care of your health, safety, and comfort.

After the session, we will provide you with custom-fit mouth trays.

These trays are customized exactly for your mouth and act as a mouthpiece that fits right into your teeth.

These trays help to maintain the results achieved by the teeth whitening session.

This is optional but we do recommend our patients use these at-home mouth trays.

Our dentists can also instruct you on how to use them and can examine your results.

You use mouth trays with a whitening gel and you keep them on for some time.

However, do not expect as drastic effects as an in-office procedure at a dentist’s office.

These whitening gels have much less concentration of hydrogen peroxide hence, you will see results over time.

Though, they are good to maintain your results.

Other than that, you will have to take special care of your oral habits and hygiene.

Ensure that this procedure does not go to waste.

And how can you do that?

Well, follow these simple steps:

  • Brush your teeth regularly twice a day
  • Quit smoking
  • Floss regularly
  • Limit the use of wine, coffee and tea
  • Gargle after every meal or after drinking colored beverages
  • Use a mouthwash regularly

These are not any unique tips.

You just have to take care of your teeth and oral hygiene so that the effects last longer.

Dental whitening in Sharjah can last from four months to a year if you regularly follow these steps and use at-home kits to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.


Dental Whitening vs Home Kits

We know you may have thought about whitening your teeth using a banana peel or whitening toothpaste. You may also think there is no harm in trying home remedies and over-the-counter whitening kits to whiten your teeth.

However, medical practitioners consider dental whitening a medical procedure.

Hence, you should get teeth whitening in a dentist’s office rather than opt for home teeth whitening.

dental whitening in Sharjah need

One reason is safety. When you try over-the-counter kits at home, you are unsupervised.What if you have gum disease or cavities which can worsen your oral health after coming in contact with the bleaching agent?

You cannot examine your oral health yourself and may not know about that tartar and plaque accumulating in your teeth.

Moreover, unsupervised treatment is nothing short of harmful.

Unless your dentist advises you to wear mouth trays, you should not experiment with bleaching agents.

That said, over-the-counter mouth trays are not exactly custom fit.

They are a one size fits all kind of mouth trays.

Hence, it is possible that they do not fit you properly.

Therefore, they will be useless if the gel does not come into contact with your teeth.

Hence, you need custom-fit mouth trays that our dentists make to fit right into your mouth.

This ensures maximum contact with the gel and effective results.

Lastly, you may know quite well that there is less concentration of hydrogen peroxide in over-the-counter gels, toothpaste, and strips.

Therefore, the 3 to 20 percent is much weaker than the 15 to 43 percent concentration in the dentist’s products.

Hence, these products will show results much later.

These results will be slow and will also not achieve the same level of brightness as in-office procedures.

Hence, if you can afford to go for a dental whitening procedure then you should choose that.

At Al Qudrah Medical Center we provide, affordable, safe, and effective Dental whitening in Sharjah.

We make sure that you leave satisfied and regain your self-esteem and confidence.


White teeth can make a difference in your smile, appearance, and confidence altogether.

If you are conscious of your teeth then there is no question that you should consider teeth whitening.

Home remedies and over-the-counter-kits may look lucrative but they can become harmful if unsupervised.

If you are finally ready to whiten your teeth choose Al Qudrah Medical Center for Dental Whitening in Sharjah.

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