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Diet Center in Sharjah

Diet Center in Sharjah

by Azka Munir · March 1, 2021

Are you thinking of losing weight but are not sure where to start from? You may be thinking of weight loss programs and procedures like cryolipolysis.

However, you should always take a start from the diet. Are you monitoring what you are eating? Do you think you can change that on your own? If not, you will need a diet center to guide your diet plan.

This article discusses the Diet Center in Sharjah at AlQudrah Medical Center. Keep reading to know how you can lose weight in this diet center.


What Constitutes a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet contains the right amount of all the nutrients you need in your body to function properly.

Exercise alongside a balanced diet can help you remain fit and keep many diseases away for a long time.

A healthy diet is not limited to fruits and vegetables. It even contains meat, fish, fats and your comfort foods.

diet center in sharjah

A dietary plan with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is considered healthy.

It will prevent any medical conditions and keep your blood sugar in check.

But so would a dietary plan with low-fat and milk products, poultry, seafood and beans.

Moreover, food with low salt concentration, trans fats and sugar content.

Hence, your body needs different kinds of nutrients in a reasonable amount to function properly.

You must have heard that you should reduce your intake of carbohydrates but carbs act as a body fuel and help to prevent ketosis in your body.

They also allow your body to make use of proteins and fats and give your body fiber.

Hence, eliminating carbohydrates from your body will not be beneficial for your body to function properly.

You will also require fat in your diet as it helps to regulate your cholesterol levels, provides energy to your body and makes your skin look healthy.

Therefore, eliminating fat from your diet can make you restless and hinder the proper functioning of your body.

Essential Components of Body

  • Minerals like calcium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorous are essential for your body muscles and bones. Moreover, trace minerals like iron, fluoride and iodine are equally important for your health.
  • Proteins are crucial for enzyme and hormone production. Moreover, this nutrient helps in blood clotting and regulating the fluids in your body. Hence, it is certain that eliminating proteins from your diet will be devastating for your body and can even result in death
  • Vitamins stimulate your growth, health and maintain your tissues. Hence, a deficiency can affect a certain aspect of your health.

Another essential component of your body is water.

You continuously lose water through evaporation, sweating and urine.

Moreover, the body is made up of 70 percent of water and it is the one essential component that keeps you hydrated and healthy.

So a proper diet will give your body everything, amino acids in the form of proteins, energy from carbohydrates, fatty acids and energy from fats as well as a good amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients absorbed by the body.

Therefore diet center in Sharjah exist to make you a proper diet and provide meal delivery and plans that help maintain your body’s health while also losing weight.

There are definitely other methods to lose weight in AlQudrah Medical Center except for diet, discussed below.


Weight Loss Procedures at Al Qudrah Medical Center

Our nutritionists will make a diet plan for you in our diet center in Sharjah.

However, if you are aiming for a drastic weight loss then you should have a look at our weight loss services.

From cryolipolysis, double chin treatment, radiofrequency lipolysis and cavitation, you can find them all in the best weight loss center in Sharjah

weight loss


Cryotherapy is a unique method to reduce your body fat drastically.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Though it may not be applicable to severely obese people it can still work wonders for people who hope to experience immediate fat reduction and lose excess fat.

It is performed on body parts such as thighs, belly fat, lower back and slides.

A person stands in a closed chamber where temperatures drop up to -200 degrees Fahrenheit. There is an opening towards the head hence, it is safe.

This extremely cold condition affects your body hence, the brain thinks to warm up the body and increase metabolism.

This increases metabolism freezes fat faster and increases your blood circulation and oxygen levels.

The body fat can also be placed in between two cold panels to freeze it.

The dead frozen fat cells are excreted out of your body in a matter of weeks.

You will see a significant reduction of fat up to 25 percent.

Radiofrequency Lipolysis

Another non-invasive procedure is Radiofrequency Lipolysis.

Your doctor targets excess fat through radio waves.

These waves manage to melt the fat found underneath your skin.

The radio waves only target the subcutaneous fat cells in the body without causing harm to the skin.

You can have this treatment on multiple areas of your body.

Radiofrequency lipolysis also helps improve your skin, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks and also body sculpting.

Therefore, this procedure is useful to reduce and burn excess fat across your body in a noninvasive, painless way.

Double Chin Treatment

If you want to reduce and better eliminate your double chin, then you should look into Double Chin Treatment.

Your double chin or submental fat is not limited does not only come with more weight.

A double chin can result from loose skin, again and even genetics.

Hence, losing weight is not the only solution to a double chin solution.

At AlQudrah Medical Center, our doctors use Mesotherapy to target the double chin.

Injections with enzymes and acids target that area and they melt the fat underneath.

This procedure is minimally invasive. You may experience slight pain from the injection but our doctors can also apply a numbing cream for that.

The injections target and destroy subcutaneous fat cells.

They melt away and are no longer able to accumulate more fat in the double chin.

Hence, you can see beneficial results in a matter of weeks.


This treatment also uses soundwaves (however of a low frequency), in order to drain fat cells.

Cavitation is targeted towards the stomach, arms and legs and it is totally noninvasive.

The sound waves heat the fat cells and they vibrate in return.

Hence, this keeps building pressure eventually leading to the cells liquefying.

Then they enter the bloodstream and are finally excreted out of the body as waste.

You may need from eight to twelve sessions of cavitation.

It is another painless and noninvasive way to get rid of excess fat in your body without going for liposuction.

Cavitation will tone your body and give you a confident, smart look.

However, you may still want to try diet programs first. Keep reading to know which diet programs are best for you.


Meal Plans at Diet Center in Sharjah

Your nutritionist will thoroughly discuss your needs and expectations with you and devise a diet plan accordingly.

They will also take your existing health conditions into consideration.

They may choose to make you a customized diet plan or will proceed with a few well-known diet plans that can help you to reduce weight greatly.

meal plans

Some well-known diet plans include the Keto Diet and plans such as Intermittent fasting. Keto Diet encourages the process of Ketosis whereby you cut off or reduce carbohydrates in your diet so that your body breaks fats instead.

While Keto Diet can result in drastic weight loss, it can also stop the moment you add carbs to your diet.

Therefore, it is easily rendered useless, however, you may still manage to lose a lot of pounds if done properly.

This diet is only considered short-term because your body should not constantly break fats and proteins for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Hence, you cannot follow it as a way of life and regular eating habits.

Intermittent fasting is hugely popular but is not considered a diet.

There are many ways of carrying it out.

  • The 16/8 method lets you fast 16 hours and take meals between 8 hours in a day.
  • 5:2 method lets you eat normally for 5 days and eat 500 to 600 calories for 2 days
  • The alternative method lets you eat normally a day and fast the full next day

Moreover, other methods include eating normally and fasting or consuming a few hundred calories for two days.

You can also skip meals spontaneously out of the three meals a day.

You can also choose an extreme diet of eating one proper meal and consuming fruits and vegetables in only four hours while fasting the rest of the day.

Therefore, you can choose any of these plans and follow them.

Include Healthy Foods

A healthy diet should fuel your body rather than deprive you of food.

Such deprivation eventually leads to binge eating and you may lose all your effort in a while.

Your diet plan should become a lifestyle and something that you can follow regularly without feeling starvation.

Wholesome foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and those rich in calcium and low in fats can prove to be a healthy daily diet and healthy meals.

Fruits like kiwis, pineapples strawberries, etc may contain natural sugars that are good for your body.

Bananas and apples may contain carbs that you may want to reduce. Also, canned fruit may contain excessive sugars that can increase your weight.

Cooked or steam vegetables are good for you. You can grill them with herbs such as thyme and rosemary for added flavor.

However, avoid excessive salt, sauces and butter.

Dairy products can contain a lot of sugars and fat. Though you still want Calcium-rich products hence, you should try low-fat milk and yogurts.

Though you do not need to cut off fats from your diet.

You can have healthy fats in the form of vegetable oils, nuts and even seeds.

You can consume lean proteins in chicken, beans and fish.

Moreover, you can eat your whole grains wholeheartedly in the form of whole-grain bread and wheat pasta and brown rice.

Therefore a balanced diet will focus much more on giving you the best healthy combination of foods rather than focusing on starvation and unhealthy activities.

This will reduce the amount of weight and help in weight management.


You can get your customized diet plan at Al Qudrah MC’s s Diet Center in Sharjah.

Our nutritionists and doctors will cater to your expectations and needs and will devise a healthy diet plan for you.

We expect you to remain healthy and physically fit while continuing your diet plans.

If you want a customized diet plan, book an appointment with our nutritionists soon at our Diet Center in Sharjah.

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