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Dietician in Sharjah

Dietician in Sharjah

by Mehr Jan · March 9, 2021

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to get some professional guidance from a health expert? Usually when it comes to the need to lose a good amount of weight, you would need the skills and expertise of a dietician. This blog post will aim to provide you all the details that can ensure you get the best dietician in Sharjah. Let’s get into it:


What does a Good Dietician Do?

The academy of nutrition states that a  good and capable dietician in Sharjah is one who is board-certified and is also a nutrition expert. Did you know that every dietician has all the qualities of a nutritionist but a good nutritionist cannot certify as a dietician.

A dietician should have all the knowledge in the area of wholesome living- a good lifestyle is their aim and this will include all the aspects relating to good food, with high nutritional value and why is it significant for human health? They will access diagnose and treat your condition to give you the complete and proper treatment.

keeping your health in check

Your qualified dietician will be able to give you evidence-based nutritional therapy as well as proper nutritional counseling.

on what consists of good nutrition.

What Qualities a Good Dietician in Sharjah have?

Your dietician aims to help you come to an ideal weight by focusing on food and nutrition. This means they will look into ways to improve your diet. Sometimes you might be struggling with some major health issues which need immediate assistance.

Your dietician will work out a great and concrete plan which will aim to bring you towards your ideal weight. There are some needs and challenges which will be looked into.

You might feel that that these strategies and plans might affect your current eating plans and will impose certain restrictions on your existing indulgence regime.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the nutritional advice. Believe me it will all be benefiting you. In majority of cases, you will likely be asked to strike a balance between what you eat and what you must.

This allows for you to enjoy nutritious meals while being able to ensure you are also not completely missing out on food items which are your favorite ones.

The dieticians can cater to people from all kinds of walk of life and from different sectors of the industry. Be it food services, health care facilities or any other department, a dietician aims to bring a wholesome and healthy lifestyle.


Types of Dietician

A dietitian can also be considered as a medical dietitian. Your dietician is the expert who will look into ways in which your malnutrition
issues will be tackled in a proper way. However since every other person has certain, unique issues, your dietician will provide specific treatment plans. This also means that specific qualification for certain issues are looked into by different dieticians. Let’s talk about the types now:

Types of Dietitians

Your dietician may be coming from one of these 4 major regions-clinical, food services, community and research.
your dietician caters to different sectors
Clinical Dietician:
They work majorly in a hospital ambience. In the same sector, there are further two kinds of dieticians- outpatient and inpatient dieticians. The outpatient kind are those who do care for admitted patients but also take care of people who are not critically ill and don’t need admission.
The job of such a dietician is to make sure that the nutritional needs of the patients are properly looked after during their time at the healthcare facility.
This includes giving extensive nutritional counseling as well as providing the proper diagnosis for any serious conditions.
Food Services:
Those in food services ensure that the large-scale food production is done so, keeping in mind any food safety guidelines that should be adhered to. Their job requires precision and focus. It is critical to maintain the standards and they have to go through every little detail to ensure health is the ultimate goal. In today’s time, a food dietician needs to invest proper time to understanding how they can be of service to all.
Community Dietician:
The work of this kind of dietician is also very important. They aim to provide the proper design for community campaigns which give great results for the people at large. Aside from speaking on the food policies, the dietician will also impart wisdom on best nutritional and health practices.
Research-based Dietician:
The last is definitely not the least important. They aim to bring forth the best research practices which ensure nutrition-aimed programmes are kept in focus. This specialized subcategory makes use of technological advancement to present innovation in nutrition-based studies.


Conditions a Dietician Treats

Now let’s move forward and talk about the kind of nutritional therapy your dietician will give? Aside from aiming at ways to treat an acute and chronic conditions, there are a range of conditions they will look into. The type of treatment they give will first be based on their qualifications and the sector and state the nutritional problems is falling.

Their services are utilized in a range of areas. They can provide treatment in hospitals, as well as look into reasons why a patient is clinically malnourished.A dietician works hand in hand with the rest of the medical facility to ensure that the necessary treatment and precautions are being looked after.

This includes keeping a critical eye at the time and precision with which nutrients are being administered to very serious and critical patients, example providing nourishment through feeding tubes.

They are also responsible to look after patients who have gone through recent surgeries especially weight loss surgery. They aim to give focused and personalized care to ensure the patients have a full recovery.

Since it is very critical health topic, the dietician sometimes needs to go for additional training to ensure their expertise is at par. They also aim to look and study the various eating disorders and their treatment. Sometimes opting for vitamin drip is also an option.


What Are Eating Disorders?

Having an eating disorder is a serious health complication. There are many different kinds of dysfaunctional eating behaviors which can cause you to suffer from poor health. The majority of the eating disorder comes from people being conscious about their weight, how they look and the food intake.
We will now look into the different and major types of eating disorders:


This is the most kind of eating disorder. And is usually more common in women than men. If you have this disorder, you are likely underweight. However, you view yourself as being overweight, which isn’t always the case.
If you have this condition, you are likely having limited food intake, get highly influences by how you look and have a very distorted body image.

a dietician treats health disorders

Bulimia is another common eating disorder. If you are suffering from this, you are likely taking in large amount of food in set time periods. In this you push yourself to indulge till it becomes very painful. In this condition, the person consuming will then try to force vomit or use laxatives to compensate for that heavy eating.

Binge Eating Disorder

In this type, you will be literally binging on food without any control. The food consumption is very rapid and you will also get a sense of complete loss and failure. Having this condition means you are highly overweight. Also it relates to you not being able to enjoy the food. You are not even tasting it properly. It is just this instinct to continue to consume the food without even enjoying the taste or savoring the flavors.


This is also on the rise where a person suffering from it, will regurgitates anything they had first chewed already. They will re-chew it, and then instead of swallowing it, they will spit out.

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder

Anyone suffering from this condition will have little to no interest in eating. They will also suffer from a disinterest and dislike to many kinds of tastes, colors, and temperatures. This kind of condition sets in the adolescents’ stage but quickly gains momentum as you age. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any clear on how to combat it, but a dietician can aim to provide a solid plan which can give great results and ensure you follow a wholesome lifestyle.

Causes of Eating Disorders

Many experts are of the view that eating disorders can develop due to a number of factors.

One of these factors is genetics. Twin and adoption studies that involve twins who are separated at birth and adopted by different families provide some evidence that eating disorders may be heredity.

Moreover, his research shows that if one twin develops an eating disorder, then the other has about a 50% likelihood of developing one as well, on average.

On the other hand, personality traits are another cause.

Particularly, neuroticism, perfectionism, and impulsivity are among the personality traits that are linked to a higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

Other potential causes are perceived pressure to reduce weight, cultural preferences for thinness, and exposure to media promoting such ideals.

Additionally, eating disorders appear to be mostly nonexistent in cultures that have not been exposed to Western ideals of thinness.

Recently, experts have proposed that differences in the brain structure and biology can also play a role in the development of eating disorders.

Certain factors like levels of brain messengers i.e. serotonin and dopamine also play a role.

However, more research is required before strong conclusions can be drawn.




A Good Dietician in Sharjah isn’t hard to find. This blog post aimed to give you a complete overview on ways in which you can ensure you get the best treatment for your condition by the leading healthcare professionals. As we already know that there are different kinds of nutritional conditions for which you will require assistance. Also there are a range of dietician types and different treatments that they look into.

We hope this post was able to provide you with ample information needed to make the right choice. A dietician’s job doesn’t come easy but you can ensure the best kind of results with clarity of treatment aside from healthy eating. If there are still any doubts and unanswered questions, feel free to reach out to our team and we will try to answer as many doubts as possible. Your health is our ultimate goal. I hope in this article you received all the details you need to ensure you have a good dietician to help you create a diet plan which is wholesome and allows you to indulge in good food.

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