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Eyebrow Lift Surgery: All You Need to Know

Eyebrow Lift Surgery: All You Need to Know

by Shankari Das · October 5, 2021

Your eyes and forehead play a prominent role in communicating your emotions. But your sagging, heavy brow will make you look tired or unhappy. An eyebrow lifts cosmetic surgery could provide you with a lasting solution.

With age, the loss of collagen, the effects of gravity, and the predominance of your brow depressor muscles might cause your eyebrows to droop. These factors create an aged look. You can learn more about eyebrow lift surgery below to improve and lift your drooping and sagging brows.


Eyebrow Lift an Overview

An eyebrow lift also called a forehead rejuvenation or forehead lift is primarily an aesthetic surgery to raise your eyebrows. This procedure creates a more refreshed, youthful appearance in your upper third area of the face.

The eyebrow lift surgery improves the appearance of your upper face, especially the forehead, the brow, and the area around your eyes, by raising the skin and soft tissue in that region.

Eyebrow lift 1

Aesthetically, the human face is divided into three equal parts, of which the forehead occupies the upper third. The area is from your eyebrow to the hairline. With aging, these parameters of this area might change. A lesser distance denotes eyebrow drooping or ptosis.

You could have a loss of forehead skin elasticity primarily from genetics, sun damage, and gravity that causes eyebrow drooping. As a result, your upper eyelid droops, and you might be dissatisfied with the appearance. Hence facial rejuvenation could be the best option for you.

You might have tried all the creams in the world to correct your sagging eyebrows, lax eyelids, or crow’s feet. However, the best solution for sagging brows is probably eyebrow lift surgery. But you need to know that the option of surgery for eyebrow lifting could be risky, costly, and in some cases, even intimidating.

Individuals often choose to have an eyebrow lift if they have a sagging, low eyebrow or a brow that looks asymmetric. An eyebrow lift can also help boost your self-confidence. For better results, your surgeon can combine it with other facial procedures, such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), microblading eyebrows, or face-lift surgery.

With age, your eyebrows tend to lose their arch. Slowly they become more horizontal in shape. The eyebrow lifting procedure aims to combat the laxity of your skin. The surgery treats your forehead and the area above the eyebrows. It also corrects the slackened and weakened skin in the area.


How Long Do Eyebrow Lift Results Last?

If you plan to invest in cosmetic surgery, you might be curious to know how long your investment will last? To be precise, most cosmetic treatments for age-related issues are usually not a permanent solution.

But your doctor will say that the procedure can last for a long time. For surgical eyebrow lifts, you can expect to enjoy the results of your treatment for more than ten years. But some of you might enjoy the results of a surgical eyebrow lift for a more extended period.

Eyebrow lift 2

Factors like your food habits, age, and skincare routine determine how long your treatment will last. A surgical eyebrow lift is one of the more cost-effective cosmetic procedures available today.

Many ask how soon eyebrow lift surgery results will be visible? Once you recover from the surgery, your results will be visible. This logic applies to all non-surgical procedures. But in the case of surgical eyebrow lifts, you can expect to see the results after two weeks when you have almost recovered. Most face-related injectable treatments usually take a week or two to be visible.

Why is this surgery done? When you grow older, your eyebrows often move down. As your soft tissues and skin lose their elasticity, the distance between your eyebrows and eyelashes shorten.

Due to this sagging effect, the lower position of your eyebrows looks like a sad, tired, or angry person. A brow lift surgery can raise the brows and restore a more refreshed and energetic appearance.

You can seriously consider the surgery if you are concerned with your sagging brow contributing to sagging upper eyelids. Your skin plays a vital role in the eyebrow area dropping into this elongated, horizontal shape. This can give you a sad, worried, tired, and annoying appearance.

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Benefits of Eyebrow Lift Surgery

The longevity of eyebrow lift surgery is the primary benefit of this procedure. Especially for those who want to enjoy their results for a longer possible period.

In addition, an eyebrow lift surgery gives a more youthful contour to your forehead skin, upper eyelids as well as eyebrows. The procedure also helps remove fatty tissue hanging over the eyes. You can also opt for it to eliminate furrows between the eyebrows or frown lines or the folds across the top of the nose.

Eyebrow lift 3


Other benefits include:

1 Look Younger and More Relaxed

This procedure is an anti-aging treatment. Hence the main benefit of this surgery is the ability to look youthful and younger. After the surgery, you will also look less stressed or more relaxed, mainly if you are in the habit of continuously furrowing and lifting your eyebrows. If you have a relaxed look, it automatically takes the weight off your eyelids.

2 Minimize Crow’s Feet and Sagging Eyelids

Most people seek this treatment to lift their eyebrows and tighten the skin on the forehead. With this treatment, you can minimize the appearance of crow’s feet. In addition, you can also correct sagging eyelids. If you are concerned about skin laxity around the eyes, this treatment is a must-have solution.

3 Can Apply Cosmetics More Easily

The long-term benefit of this procedure is that you can easily apply all kinds of cosmetics on your face after recovering. Meaning you can easily apply eyeshadow or use eyebrow gel. Your eye care products will also be easy to apply.


Eyebrow Lift Surgery Procedure

There are two ways the eyebrow procedure can be done. The two procedures are usually the Classic lift and Endoscopic lift. The classic procedure involves incisions made at the level of your ears, moving up to till your hairline.

An endoscopic eyebrow lift procedure primarily corrects drooping eyebrows. Your surgeon would make a cut in your scalp and insert an endoscope. The endoscope will help guide the procedure.

Eyebrow lift 4

There are two methods to lift your eyebrow and forehead areas:

1 Classic lift
2 Endoscopic lift

The classic lift procedure involves one continuous cut. The cut begins at the level of your ears and goes up to around your hairline. The incision is done depending on your hairline to avoid a visible scar.

For the endoscopic lift, your surgeon will make a few shorter cuts in your scalp. They will insert a scope which is a tiny camera, on the end of a thin tube. The scope will be inserted into one of the cuts. Your surgeon will use another device inserted in another cut to make the necessary changes.

In the endoscopic lift, your surgeon will use small anchors to secure the tissue. These anchors are a means to secure the tissue in the forehead area. Because the cuts are smaller, this procedure is less invasive compared to the classic lift. You will have a shorter recovery time due to minimal scarring.

General anesthesia will be administered just before the treatment. The tissue and muscle will be adjusted so that visible furrows and creases can be corrected. Muscle adjustment is also done with your forehead skin being held up. After the surgery, the incisions are closed with sutures, adhesives, surgical tapes, or clips.


How to Maintain Eyebrow Lift Surgery Results?

The best way to enjoy the surgery results is to maintain your face to look brighter, younger, and feel more confident.

Maintaining your treatment will solely depend on the method of your treatment. If you have undergone non-surgical lifts, your dentist might provide touch-up treatments at least twice a year.

Eyebrow lift 5


Remember, in the case of surgical eyebrow lifts, you should pay special attention to the types of care to enjoy results for a more extended period.

1 Sun Protection

You should always wear adequate sunscreen when you have to go or stay out in the sun for a longer period. It is the best way to protect the health of your skin. Using sunscreen will also prevent premature aging and slow down the aging process.

If you frequently expose your skin to unprotected UV rays, you might compromise your skin’s natural protective barrier. Resulting in the skin getting exposed to free radicals that will quickly break down the integrity of the skin cells. This whole process will speed up the aging process.

Remember, any unprotected sun exposure can quickly undo the results of your procedure. UV rays can be harmful and break down the work that your procedure has completed. Hence you must try to maintain the integrity of your skin.

2 Skincare Products

You must also note that skincare products are also helpful in maintaining your results. Especially after the eyebrow treatment, skincare products can help support your results. Most of these products assist in stimulating collagen production that keeps your skin lifted and tight. You should always use anti-aging products correctly, as it may help prolong the effects of your eyebrow lift treatment.

Eyebrow lift 12

What Can Eyebrow Surgery Do for Your Appearance?

All of you might have this question in your mind. An eyebrow rejuvenation treatment can uplift and alter your appearance.

Today you can get several over-the-counter eye creams and products to refresh your appearance. Unfortunately, none of these can make a difference. So it is the right time for you to turn to cosmetic treatments to achieve the results you want.

Alternatively, you can think of eyelift surgery as an anti-aging treatment. Eyebrow lift rejuvenation can enhance your look to a more younger-looking appearance, tighten skin on your forehead, and correct asymmetrical brow arches all at once.

When performed by an experienced, skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeon, your improvements made will last for several years to come. The surgery can also minimize your fine lines and wrinkles. It is also proved to be very effective in reducing the heaviness of your eyelids.

Interestingly each one of these improvements can significantly change your look and shed years off your visible age. So what are you waiting for? So give us a call or book an appointment today.

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