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Gold Stamp Therapy: Procedure, Effectiveness, and Cost

Gold Stamp Therapy: Procedure, Effectiveness, and Cost

by Shankari Das · March 6, 2021

Mesotherapy is a procedure that mostly involves the application of various nutrients under your skin.

The main purpose of the whole process is to help moisturizing your skin, regenerating it and even for removing any sort of imperfections.

The direct application of specially composed cocktails enhances their effectiveness.

However, the rumors can be a barrier, that’s why it’s important to take a closer look at its performance as well as contradictions.

This guide shares a detailed overview of mesotherapy, its purpose, procedure as well as the benefits.


What is Gold Stamp Therapy?

Today Gold Stamp therapy has become immensely popular among the many treatments available which help revitalise your dull skin, treat sun-exposed areas and reduce visible signs of acne and ageing.

This preventive treatment works better for people who really want to take good care of their skin, keep it fresh and radiant and delay the signs of ageing.

Moreover, as the process is non-invasive, it does not involve cutting or stitching, making it a pain free treatment.

gold stamp therapy

Gold stamp therapy is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment.

It is a perfect, safe and easy procedure for rejuvenating your skin. It is an ideal painless procedure for older age applicants to feel relaxed and observe outcomes and achieve the expected result.

This popular skin refining, and anti-ageing treatment helps to improve skin quality and appearance in a significant manner.

It uses a serum applicator that has hypoallergenic gold-plated micro needles that are thinner than our hair (0.13mm).

This is an ideal therapy for people with aged skin as well as a preventative treatment for those who are yet to experience the full effects of ageing skin.

It improves skin health with the hypoallergenic 24k gold plated micro needles.

Gold stamp therapy involves micro needling a customised solution directly into the skin on your face, neck, decollete, hands and body.

The skin regenerates naturally through physical stimulation, thereby enhancing the absorption of effective ingredients through the micropores of your skin.


Gold Stamp Procedure

Gold Stamp therapy can be used to treat several parts of the body by delivering serum, a healing solution deep into the dermis (600-micron depth and more).

This application of the solution to deeper layers of the skin allows them to be absorbed more effectively than with a syringe.

Today, Gold Stamp is indeed a very popular device that is regularly being used to deliver effective serums into the skin.

gold stamp therapy procedure

Gold Stamp therapy involves injecting the skin with special serums by a process known as micro needling which improves the quality of your skin.

A special handheld device is used for micro needling which has ultra-thin surgical-grade needles plated with 24K gold and allows it to deliver the solutions to the deeper layers of your skin.

These ultra-thin needles are attached to a chamber that contains the serum to be injected into the skin layers.

The serum is a mixture of various ingredients and contains fillers, neuromodulators and growth factors, which improves the health of your skin, making it more radiant.

a) How is Gold Stamp therapy different from other micro-needling procedures?

Gold Stamp therapy allows the serum to flow more consistently and the right amount of solution inside the skin.

On the contrary, other micro needling procedures do not have such a technique to apply the serum.

During the treatment, your licensed therapist will move the device over the affected area. Thereby stimulating the skin cells to produce more and more collagen.

This process leads to skin regeneration and your skin looks younger and more beautiful than it was before.

In the final stages, effective serums are inserted in the skin to enhance the end result.

The skin absorbs the serums and hence your skin looks plumped up, lightened and brightened.

b) How many Gold Stamp treatments would you require?

Depending on your skin condition, clinicians generally recommend a minimum of five sessions performed within a period of 6 – 8 weeks.

It is always best to discuss with your clinician and work out the nitty-gritty of an ideal and a customised treatment plan for you.

c) What different areas can be treated with Gold Stamp therapy?

Several major areas of your face and body can be treated with Gold Stamp therapy like – lines on the forehead, glabellar region, dark circles under eye, malar & sub-malar region, marionette lines, chin, nasolabial fold, décolletage and stretch marks on different parts of the body such as hands etc.

d) What is the downtime required for the procedure?

There is no downtime required for Gold Stamp treatments.

Basically, it depends on the patient’s skin concerns and tissues that they are treating.

A 24hour flushing post treatment is required for skin rejuvenation or collagen induction, and you may possibly get red spots or blotches due to blood spotting.

The treatments require longer needle depths for damaged deep tissue such as acne scarring or ice-pick scarring.

In these cases, you can expect some sort of skin discolouration or temporary blotches as blood will be drawn when targeting deep tissues.

e) Is the gold stamp procedure painful?

The needles used in the gold stamp therapy are thinner than a hair follicle (0.13mm).

In the human body, pinpoint bleeding generally occurs while using longer needles of size (1.0mm).

This makes this therapy a painless one. It is optional to give topical anaesthesia.


Effectiveness of Gold Stamp Therapy

Gold Stamp therapy is highly effective as you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, spots, freckles, and blemishes on your skin in just a few weeks without experiencing complications.

The therapy shows wonderful effects on your skin tone and hence it is worth getting it.

Dermaroller for medical micro needling therapy Derma roller mesoroller for

How long does it take for Gold Stamp therapy to show its effect?

Results start to show within 3-5 days after the treatment and last according to serum applied. Doctors also recommend repeating the procedure as per treatment protocols.

The five immense benefits of gold stamp therapy are as below:

  • One is ready to go immediately post treatment procedure as no downtime.
  • It is a safe and painless technique of enhancing skin quality.
  • Helps to plump, rejuvenates and lighten the skin without causing any complications.
  • It treats severe acne and acne scars very effectively.
  • Your skin becomes brighter, looks younger, and more attractive.

Although the results of gold stamp therapy are wonderful, unfortunately, they are not permanent. One needs to get the treatment multiple times to appreciate the results for a longer period of time.

It is also worth mentioning that all the results are not instant.

Quite a few of the effects appear immediately after the procedure but the visibility of the final results takes some time. In most patients, the end result shows after a week’s time.


Cost of Gold Stamp Therapy

The average cost of Gold Stamp therapy in the UAE is approximately AED 800.

It is important to note that the cost will vary across patients depending on factors like the quality of the skin, the desired results, number of sessions needed, reputation of the clinic, and the expertise of the dermatologist.

Tcost of microneedling

The cost largely depends on the following factors:

  • Skin Type -The cost of gold stamp therapy is largely dependent on the skin type. Since the treatment of rough skin textures involves more time, so, the treatment will be more expensive.
  • Number of Sessions Required – Clinicians generally suggest it takes at least six to seven sessions to see significant changes in the appearance of the skin. However, for the treatment of severe skin scars and flaws, the doctor might ask you to take additional sessions.
  • Reputation of the Clinic – The cost can vary depending on the practitioner. In general, the fees of dermatologists are more than salon aestheticians. It has been observed that Gold Stamp therapy delivers better results when a dermatologist performs it.


Pros and Cons

The Gold Stamp therapy is safe and quick. This treatment is normally an outpatient procedure and takes at the max an hour to complete.

The results also appear quickly. The patient can notice significant changes in the texture of the skin within a few hours.

pros and cons of gold stamp therapy

Having said all that, the main disadvantage with this approach is that the results are not permanent.
The effects stay on the skin for up to twelve to fourteen months. However, there are different ways through which you can increase the durability of the treatment.
You must try to keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Additionally, you have to eat healthy foods and avoid smoking and drinking for a few months.
Your therapy programs should be guided by licensed professionals. You can also check for online therapist.
You should get the treatment multiple times in order to sustain the effects for a little longer.


After the Gold Stamp treatment, you might have slight pain, redness and swelling but it will reduce within 24 to 48 hours.

Your clinician might instruct to return home right after having the therapeutic session. There is no downtime associated with Gold Stamp therapy which makes it a preferable choice for many people dealing with ageing.

As a result, your work and personal life would also not be affected. Due to its many advantages, this is an ideal therapy for aged skin and preventative treatment for those not yet experiencing the full effects of ageing skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the skin of your dreams today!

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