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HIFU in Sharjah: Treatment, Benefits and Cost

HIFU in Sharjah: Treatment, Benefits and Cost

by Azka Munir · January 20, 2021

You must have heard about facelifts.
What if I tell you there is another painless and noninvasive method for skin tightening?
High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment is the new technology that will make your skin firmer.
This article covers HIFU treatment in detail.
At Al Qudrah Medical Center we provide HIFU in Sharjah, learn about the treatment to book your next appointment.


What is Hifu Facial?

Hifu is used as an anti-aging facial. The ultrasound encourages collagen production which increases skin firmness.

Before treating wrinkles and fine lines, Hifu was used to treat tumors.

Now it is used as an alternative to facelifts without requiring a surgical procedure.

process of hifu

As the name suggests, High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy targets the skin layers underneath the surface. This in return causes the tissues to heat up and after reaching a high temperature, the cells undergo cellular damage.

Next, Cellular damage stimulates the skin cells to repair themselves and produce collagen protein responsible for cell regrowth and providing elasticity to the skin making it more tight and firm.

Thus, you get firmer skin with fewer wrinkles than before.

Moreover, HIFU uses a very focused and high energy ultrasound, unlike the one used for medicinal purposes.

Therefore it does not cause any harm to the skin adjacent and on the surface as it only targets the skin underneath.

Who Can Get HIFU?

Doctors recommend HIFU for early signs of aging because it is non-invasive and will not produce as long-lasting and dramatic results as face lifting.

Hence, it is best for people above 30 years of age and it will not work for people with extreme sagging and other aging signs.

Best results are seen on mild skin laxity.

People with loose skin and photodamaged skin will require several sessions.

Moreover, people with more photoaging and saggy skin on the neck are recommended surgery instead.

Therefore for best results, you should get HIFU in the early stages of aging.

However, it is not recommended to people of any age suffering from cystic acne, infection, or have lesions or implants in the target area.


HIFU Benefits

HIFU is an emerging trend in the cosmetic industry as it gives many aesthetic benefits.

You can experience tightening and smoothing of the skin.

Research shows it improves the elasticity of thighs and cheeks after 3 months.


Benefits of HIFU in Sharjah

You can find HIFU in Sharjah at Al Qudrah Medical Center.

HIFU is rapidly gaining popularity as a cosmetic procedure.

Therefore, it is part of one of the services that AlQudrah Medical Center offers.

Its benefits include:

  • noninvasiveness
  • brow lift lifts drooping eyelids and jowls, therefore acts as an alternative to a facelift
  • decreases wrinkles
  • enhances face structure and jawline
  • smoothens your skin
  • tightens skin on the neckline and neck


HIFU Treatment in Sharjah

A HIFU treatment usually lasts for about half an hour to one and a half-hour.

You will not need any special preparation beforehand, however, you should come bare face.

Therefore, remove all your makeup and wash your face thoroughly. Do not apply any skincare products either.

hifu in sharjah


Your doctor will clean your target area on their own as well.

Then, they will follow by applying an anesthetic cream and an ultrasound gel to the treatment area.

The HIFU device is placed an ultrasound viewer helps to monitor the process and adjusting the device at the right place and to set against the skin.

The device emits ultrasound energy in short pulses to the specific target area for up to 90 minutes.

Once done, the device is removed from the target area.

It is likely that you will require more than one session.

After this session, you do not need to follow any extra protocol or recover time.

You can continue your day as usual.

Does HIFU hurt?

Some people may experience mild heat and a tingling prickly sensation.

This can cause some discomfort.

If you worry that you will feel pain, you can ask your doctor to recommend some medication which you can take beforehand.

They may ask you to take Tylenol or ibuprofen so that you don’t feel much pain.

You may notice some swelling and redness after your session concludes.

Don’t worry! This is just mild swelling that will go away after a while.


Side Effects and Cost

HIFU is considered a safe procedure and provides results without the need for surgery.

You can get safe and professional Hifu in Sharjah because it is performed by trained physicians and specialists.

Therefore, if you are looking for skin tightening in Sharjah then you should try HIFU  which is also cheaper than facelift surgery.


There may not be any serious side effects after HIFU.In fact, doctors suggest that you can go by your day as usual.

However, participants in the researches did witness mild swelling and redness after the procedure.

You will feel a tingling sensation during the process but afterward, you may also develop some numbness and bruises along with a purple rash.

Some people also witness pain in the treatment area.

That said, all of these side effects are not long-lasting and will gradually disappear in a short period of time.


The cost of the procedure entirely depends on the location and the number of sessions you may require.

People can need up to six sessions of HIFU.

HIFU cost around 1700 dollars in 2017. Though, it is likely for the prices to increase by now.

That said, it will still remain cheaper than facelift that cost around 7500 dollars in 2017.

Therefore, HIFU is a more efficient procedure in terms of cost.

Contact us to know the cost of HIFU in Sharjah, Contact us.


Does HIFU really work?

People usually prefer a facelift surgery for skin tightening and aging.

HIFU is new in the cosmetic industry hence, there is less awareness about it.

It may not be as long-lasting but it is still pretty effective.

So, how does HIFU Compare with Facelift?


HIFU vs Facelift

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure requiring no incisions and no surgery while facelift is a surgical procedure.

Therefore it includes incisions and stitches as it is invasive.

A surgical facelift is nearly five times more expensive than High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. You just require a few sessions with your doctor for HIFU however, you require an entire surgery for a facelift.

There are very minimal risks and side effects with HIFU. You may witness some swelling and numbness but it will gradually go away after a while.

Therefore, High Intensity focused ultrasound treatment carries no huge risk.

However, that is not the case with a surgical facelift.

You may experience side effects that can occur in other surgeries as well like bleeding, losing hair at the incision, the threat of infections, scarring and even pain and blot clotting.

HIFU does not require any preparation before and after the procedure as there is no need for a recovery time.

However, a facelift is a proper surgery so you will require at least 2 to 4 weeks to recover and go back to your routine.

Researches have proven High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound to be effective.

94 percent of people witnessed improvements in their skin with regard to skin lifting 3 months after the session.

Though Surgical facelift does not disappoint either.

A year after the surgery, 97.8 percent described it as something that exceeded their expectations.

That said clearly Surgical facelifting is more long-lasting. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound can last up to 6 months.

Since, the aging process continues, you will require other sessions if you wish to tighten your skin further.

68.5 percent of people consider their surgical facelift effective even after 12.5 years.

Hence, High intensity focused ultrasound is temporary in comparison but is much lighter on the pocket and does not involve much hassle and resulting side effects.

If you are still not convinced about choosing HIFU instead of a Surgical facelift then let’s explore more researches.

Researches Over The Effectiveness of HIFU

Researchers have carried out over 231 studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of ultrasound technology.

It is effective for skin and body tightening along with cellulite reduction.

Therefore, HIFU is safe and it also works.

A study carried out on Koreans found out that this procedure works best to reduce the wrinkles on peoples’ jaws, cheeks and around the mouth.

Studies highlight that HIFU can take up to 2 to 3 months to show changes and if maintained, these can last up to one year.

There have been researches regarding the time the procedure takes to show desired results.

The results were evaluated over a week, 4 weeks and 12 weeks.

The most effectiveness was seen after 12 weeks where skin elasticity had improved in all areas.

Moreover, physicians report about 80 percent of improvement in the face and neck skin regarding sagging and tightening after HIFU.

Different devices will have different characteristics. Studies show that the amount of pain can differ and so can the recipient’s satisfaction.

However, different devices were effective in tightening the skin and producing good results.

Want to Get HIFU in Sharjah?

We all desire an ever young-looking face and body. Though, aging is a natural process that has to occur.

However, if you wish to control the effects of aging on your skin in your 30’s then you should consider getting a  session.

We have highlighted the benefits, treatment procedures and cost of HIFU in this article.

It is up to you to decide if you want to choose surgical face lifting for a long-lasting effect or the more affordable but effective HIFU treatment.

If you found this blog post useful, don’t forget to check our other blogs on PRP as well as hydrafacial.

Read about our service regarding HIFU in Sharjah and get in touch with our competent professionals for your treatment.

Your youthful skin is just an appointment away.

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