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Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser Hair Removal Dubai

by Shankari Das · August 30, 2021

Are you bored of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted facial or body hair? Then laser hair removal Dubai may be an option worth considering.

This technique of removing hair is the most permanent of all treatments available nowadays. It is also more effective than shaving, waxing. Electrolysis is still used, but as every hair has to be treated independently, it could be a painful hair removal method.


What is Laser Hair Removal Dubai?

Laser hair removal Dubai is one of the most frequently done cosmetic procedures these days. It has high beams of concentrated light focused on your hair follicles. Pigments in the follicles absorb the light. That destroys the hair.

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that removes unwanted hair using a concentrated beam of laser light. During the procedure, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment or the melanin in the hair.

laser hair removal Dubai 1

The light energy (soft light laser) from the laser is converted to heat, which damages your tube-shaped sacs within your skin, known as hair follicles that produce hairs. The damage caused to the hair follicles delays future hair growth.

Although treatment effectively delays hair growth for long periods, it does not permanently remove your hair. Initially, you need multiple laser hair removal sessions to remove all the hair. In addition, treatments might be needed as well.

Laser hair removal is very effective for people who generally have light skin and dark hair. But your doctor will use the procedure to treat all skin types successfully.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser beans are useful as they remove unwanted hair from your face, leg, chin, arm, back, underarm, and other areas. There are a variety of ways to remove the body and facial hair. But there are pros and cons to each method.

All of the methods like electrolysis, depilatory creams, or waxing are effective options for different reasons. But laser hair removal treatment is a preferred method if you are seeking a long-term solution.

laser hair removal Dubai 2

Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment.

Benefits of laser hair removal include:

1 Precision
Laser treatment can selectively target dark, coarse hairs and leave the surrounding skin undamaged. Laser technology is very precise and makes hair removal ideal for you if you are looking to target and remove a few specific hairs. It is a great option even if you are looking to remove small areas of hair like around the eyebrows, nose, upper lip, or hairline.

2 Speed
It is a very fast procedure. Each pulse of the laser only takes a fraction of a second. As a result, it can treat many hairs at the same time. The laser beam can treat an area approx the size of a quarter every second. Very small areas like your upper lip can be treated in less than a minute. But large areas, such as the back or legs, might take up to an hour.

3 Less painful
It is a lot less painful than most people think. Many equate it to the feeling of snapping a rubber band against the skin. Depending on your threshold for pain, you might find it uncomfortable. But as the sessions are so fast that most people find it easy to tolerate.

4 Predictability
Generally, people have permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions.


Laser Hair Removal Dubai Procedure

Laser hair removal is more than just ”zapping” your unwanted hair. As it is a medical procedure, it requires training to perform and carries potential risks.

If you plan to undergo the treatment, you should limit waxing, plucking, and electrolysis for six weeks before the procedure. That is because the laser beam targets your hair roots, which might be temporarily removed by plucking or waxing.

laser hair removal Dubai 3


You need to strictly follow the instructions provided by your doctor before and after the treatment. You should also avoid sun exposure before and after treatment. Sun exposure makes laser hair removal less effective and might give rise to complications after treatment.

Before the treatment, your specialist will clean the area to be treated. Some people receive a numbing gel. Numbing the area helps, especially when a small area will be treated and the skin is very sensitive. It takes about 60 minutes for a numbing gel to work.

During the Procedure

The laser treatment will take place in a room set up specifically for laser treatments. The laser equipment will be adjusted depending on the color, thickness, and location of your hair as well as your skin color. To perform the procedure, the skin in the area to be treated is held taut, and the skin is treated with the laser beam.

Next, the technician will give a pulse of light to the treatment area and watch the area for several minutes to ensure the best settings are used and to check for bad reactions. When completed, you might be given ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams, or cold water to ease any discomfort.

Laser treatment removes hair by vaporizing it. This usually causes small plumes of smoke that smell like sulfur. Many say that the laser pulses feel like warm pinpricks or a rubber band snapped against your skin.

Your treatment time depends on the size of the area to be treated. Treating a small area like the upper lip takes minutes, while treating a large area like the back or legs may last more than an hour. You will continue getting treatments until your hair stops growing.


Laser Hair Removal Dubai: Recovery and Risks

For a day or two after your procedure, the treated area of your skin might look and feel like it is sunburned. You can apply moisturizers and cool compresses to help ease the pain. If your face was treated, you can start wearing makeup the next day unless your skin has blisters.

You should try to wear sunscreen for the following month to prevent temporary changes in the color of your treated skin.

laser hair removal Dubai 4

One month after the procedure, your treated hair will fall out. Wearing sunscreen is always preferred to prevent temporary changes in your skin color.

Blisters are rarely noticeable but are more often noticed in people with darker complexions. You could also have other potential side effects like swelling, redness, and scarring. Changes in skin color or permanent scarring are rarely noticed.

Risks of side effects vary depending on the skin type, hair color, and treatment plan. Adherence to pre-treatment and post-treatment care is very important, and you need to strictly follow instructions given by your doctor. The most common side effects include:

1 Skin irritation – You might encounter temporary discomfort, swelling, and redness after hair removal. Most of the signs and symptoms typically disappear within several hours.

2 Pigment changes – During the surgery, your surrounding tissue stretches to enable your body to grow extra skin. Your doctor will insert a balloon-like device called an expander under your skin. Liquid is filled in the expander stretch your skin. This process helps reconstruct the nearby areas.


FAQs Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser hair removal technology came into existence in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has become the go-to method for stopping unwanted hair growth.

And even though the technology has been around for quite some time, people still have lots of questions about it. Today, we will answer a few of the commonly asked questions. Here are also the answers to some questions you might want to know.

laser hair removal Dubai 5


These are a few of the commonly asked questions on laser hair removal.

1 Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The hair removal is permanent. However, people who undergo the treatment can expect some hair in the targeted area will grow back. Over time, you might have to treat them again to reduce the number of hairs that regrow.

Whether or not your hair grows back depends on several factors. Most find that when hair regrows, it is less noticeable and lighter than it was before. At times the hair follicle is damaged but not destroyed, and your hair will eventually regrow.

2 Is it a Long-term Solution?

Most people see lasting, permanent results with laser hair removal. In some people, you may need a touch-up a few months, but it remains one of the best long-term solutions available. You will notice a permanent reduction in hair growth that would become easier to maintain over time.

Because it is a long-term solution, it is also cost-effective. You can save hundreds of dollars, as you would save on your monthly expenditure. The treatment is most effective on people with dark hair and light skin. If you have darker skin tones, you might experience temporary hyperpigmentation of the skin.

laser hair removal Dubai 6


Laser hair removal Dubai can significantly reduce the amount of body hair in any part of your body. In many cases, some hair will regrow over time.

If you are fed up with tweezing, waxing, spending money on expensive blades and razors, and making waxing appointments, it is time to consider laser hair removal treatment. The side effects are minimal, and the treatment sessions only take a few minutes.

Even when hair does regrow, there will be less overall hair, producing a smoother appearance. Discuss the treatment goals with your hair removal specialist or doctor to better understand what to expect from the procedure.

Some hair types and skin complexions produce better results than others. The only way to know what will work best is to talk to your doctor or dermatologist.

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