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Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need To Know

by Mehr Jan · October 10, 2020

Ladies, we all know how time-consuming, frustrating and painful a hair removal treatment is. Some of the traditional methods, such as waxing, shaving, and tweezing, are effective for removing hair, but these are only temporary.

For effective long-term solutions, laser hair removal is the best method to get rid of all unwanted hair from the body. Because of its effectiveness, this treatment has become so famous all around the world.

It would be discriminatory if gentlemen are left out of this procedure. Nowadays, ladies and gents both look for treatments to effectively and painlessly remove unwanted hair from the body.

This complete guide regarding laser hair removal will provide you all the information about the procedure and will be your friend in deciding if this treatment is best for you. So, keep on reading!

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that is quite common for removing unwanted hair. This procedure uses highly focused beam of laser directed at those unwanted hair.

It is quite commendable that this laser hair removing treatment can be performed on any part of the body that has unwanted hair. On the other hand, the traditional methods like waxing, plucking, shaving etc. are largely specialized for a specific area of the body.

This treatment can focus on a small patch of hair anywhere on your body and provide you with a long term solution for unwanted hair. Most commonly, people use laser hair removal to treat hair on their face, arms, underarms, chest, bikini line and legs.

It is important to keep in mind that this method does not allow you to completely get rid of your hair. It does provide 50-95 per cent reduction of new hair. The new hair that grows will be finer and easier to maintain. Most patients experience near permanent loss of hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

In laser hair removal treatment, a concentrated laser beam directed at an area on your body with unwanted hair. This emitting beam of concentrated light is absorbed by pigments i.e. melanin at the root of the hair.

The hair follicles are destroyed by the heat in such a way which therefore, limits future production of hair.

This does not permanently cut off hair growth. It effectively slows down hair growth. Some hair can grow back after some period of time but they become very fine and manageable and are in small quantity.

Repeating this treatment again will help you get rid of those hair as well. This is why multiple sessions are recommended by the doctors to achieve desired results.


What Can You Expect During The Treatment?

Normally before the treatment, your hair are trimmed to just a few millimeter above the skin. You can experience a little discomfort during the procedure which is why the targeted area is applied with a numbing cream to help with the sting caused by laser beam.

The doctor presses the hand held device to your skin at the targeted area. The machine can also have a cooling gel to mitigate any potential side effects of the laser. The laser machine that directs the beam is adjusted according to the colour, location and thickness of the hair being targeted.

The time required for the treatment depends on the area being treated. A small area like upper lip can be treated in a few minutes while other bigger areas can take longer.

What Can You Do To Prepare Yourself For Laser Hair Removal?

If you are going to take this procedure, it is imperative that you look into the laser removal service and the medical center that is providing you this service. It is a specialized treatment and should be handled by experts.

Prior to this treatment, you should discuss your expectations of this procedure with your doctor along with your medical history so that there are no problems going further.

There are other things that you can do to ensure the best treatment. You should refrain from waxing or plucking six weeks before the procedure. This procedure targets the roots and if you have removed the hair, there would not be any root for the laser to act on. Therefore, you should let your hair grow for a few weeks.

You should also avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment as it can make your treatment ineffective.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Laser Hair Removal?

There are a range of benefits with Laser Hair Removal

It is fascinating that laser hair removal allows you to get a lot of benefits in a short time. Let’s check out some of the major benefits in comparison with traditional methods:

  • Minimal Side Effects

You will be amazed to know that there are only a few minor side effects of laser hair removal, and these side effects do not tend to last more than a few days.

In other traditional methods, there are many risks involved along with pain that one experiences. One can suffer from razor cuts, rashes and burns from hot wax and other such risks.

  • Cost-Effective

This technique is cost-effective because you spend your money once to get desired result that can last you a long time. It saves you the money you would spend otherwise on biweekly or monthly basis on wax treatments, depilatory creams, razors as well as some other methods of hair removal.

Laser hair removal treatment also saves you a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent shaving or waxing.

  • Painless

This procedure does not cause any pain like waxing or plucking. This is virtually painless.

  • No Ingrown Hair

Waxing, threading and epilating cause unsightly ingrown hair which can cause irritation. Laser hair removal even improves ingrown hairs.

  • Precise

Laser hair removal targets precisely a particular area of the body. The beam is directed right at the follicles that destroys new growth potential. Moreover, it also means you can get results sooner.

  • Predictability

Most patients experience near permanent hair loss at the end of three to seven session.

  • No Downtime

This procedure does not require any downtime. You can go out and about right after this procedure. You might experience some redness which can subside quite quickly.

  • Fast

This treatment is considered very fast i.e. fast during the treatment as well as in results. The speed also depends on  the area being treated. If the area is big, it takes more time for the process to happen but generally it is very efficient.

Considering other traditional methods, a lot of time is spent in shaving or waxing which is saved in this procedure.


What Are The Risks Involved?

Risks of this treatment depend upon the colour of the hair and the skin. Some common side effects are:

Skin Irritation:

Laser can cause swelling and redness on your skin after the treatment. This can disappear after a few hours. You can apply ice to help redness.

Pigment Changes:

This procedure can change pigment proportions in the skin that is treated with this procedure. The skin can lighten or darken and it can either be temporary or permanent.

Some risks that rarely occur are blistering and scaring of the skin. Another rare side effect is greying hair.

What Can You Expect After the Treatment?

You can expect great results after the treatment but you need to be patient to go through all of the sessions. You cannot expect hair to fall out right after the treatment. You hair will shed over a period of days stretched into weeks.

You might also experience renewed growth for which doctors recommend repeated session. These repeated sessions important over a cycle of hair growth because laser treatment produces best results with hair follicles in early growth stages.

Different people experience different results depending on their hair growth. For some people, the results can last months for other years. New growth tend to be very light which is not very noticeable and quite manageable.

In order to maintain these results, you might need maintenance laser treatments for near permanent effect of hair removal.


Different Kinds of Laser Treatments:

Different kinds of laser treatments happen with different machines that are specialized for different purposes. Following is a list of machines that are used for laser treatments.

Alexandrite Laser

It is the fastest laser hair removal machine. It concentrates on a larger body areas and has a high repetition rate. It is suitable for patients with fair and light hair.

Diode Laser

This laser machine has longer wavelength which allows deep penetration into the skin. This machine quite safe for clients with darker skin types which means it does not work quite well on lighter and finer hair.

It is meant to target small areas of the body which means it takes longer to treat larger areas. This longer treatment time can cause greater expense and increased discomfort.

Nd:YAG laser

This laser machine can be used on all skin types. This also cover large body areas which means treatment will not take longer saving you quite a lot of money. On the other hand, it provides less effective treatment for fine and light hairs than some other hair removal lasers.


What Are Home Laser Devices?

Some manufacturers have started producing safe laser devices that can be used at home. These devices mimic the same principle as medically approved devices you find at medical centers but they are not as extensive in features as their medical counterpart.


How Effective are Home Laser Devices?

Do Home Laser Devices Work Well?

There have not been any formal studies on the usage and result of these devices so nothing can be said with certainty. These devices might be able to do modest hair reduction but we cannot be certain about the extent of their results.

These devices are considered cosmetic not medical which means that they are not made with that much scrutiny and are not meant to produce the absolute best result that a laser treatment with a professional can produce.

Some people might also use this machine together with medical laser removal treatment with a doctor i.e. to carry on the results achieved at the clinic. Either way if you choose to use this machine, be sure to follow the instruction manual to avoid any issues.

Why Should You Get It?

This guide elaborates on the procedure and its benefit. If you are looking for painless, long term solution to hair removal problem, this treatment is for you. If you are looking to save time and money with reliable results, this procedure is what you are looking for.

You have all the information now. Its time for action. You can contact your doctor, learn more about the procedure and decide for yourself.

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