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Laser Stretch Marks Removal: Costs, Side Effects,and Results

Laser Stretch Marks Removal: Costs, Side Effects,and Results

by Mehr Jan · January 23, 2021

Stretch marks or striae, is an off-colour hue due to scarring.
They are visible when there is significant tearing of the dermis skin layer.
While this common condition isn’t harmful, it affects your confidence level.
This blog post looks into one of the most effective ways of treating stretch marks.


What are Stretch Marks?

So let’s start off by looking what are stretch marks and how laser stretch marks removal brings a change.

These are basically scars that are quite visible on your body. They happen when your dermis skin layer enlarges or shrinks quickly.

This can happen because of a number of reasons. It can be either due to quick weight gain which causes tearing in skin fibers.

Initially the marks are deep red or purple in color, however over time, the color starts to get lighter. The texture also seems to change as time progresses. It is as popular and gives good results. much like you expect in a tummy tuck.

Over time the redness will start to fade and you will notice the bands are becoming depressed and shiny. Most common areas you will get them are abdominal area, thighs, hips, flank, breasts, upper arms or lower back.

scars that impact your body

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

About 90% of pregnant women will get stretch marks and many opt for a treatment as these marks are unpleasant to look at. These marks are common in men too and can take place for many reasons besides pregnancy.

We will now talk more on the treatments available for this condition:


This is the simplest method of treating these marks. It is when you remove excess dead skin from the skin. Removing the dead skin also accelerates stretch marks treatment, as it allows for deeper penetration of skin treatments to work faster and better.


It isn’t as effective as other treatments as it is quite simple and affordable but users suggest it does make a difference. It makes the appearance of the marks less visible. You can easily get some over the counter creams and ointments through a prescription from your doctor.


This is also a painless procedure in which the epidermis layer of skin is hit upon, pushing it to tighten and produce more collagen and elastin fibers.


This treatment focuses on the middle layer of the skin where these scarring marks appear mainly. Tiny needles poke into the skin to produce collagen. It requires a lot of sessions to make a visible difference.

Cosmetic surgery

This is an expensive treatment but it can provide good results too. It also helps to exfoliate the skin.

Laser treatment

One of the major treatments which is known to provide great results and is effective is the laser stretch marks removal treatment. We will be discussing this in detail in this blog post.


Laser Stretch Marks Removal

This process is in which you remove the stretch marks via a laser resurfacing technique. This is done when the outer layer of skin is hit upon. Your doctor will be then restructuring the overlying skin.
In the process, beams of light are hit on a concentrated area so to encourage new growth.
Let’s dig into the details of this effective stretch marks removal treatment:

How Laser Treatment on Stretch Marks Work?

stimulating skin’s natural synthesis

The major aim is to have lasers remove these stretch marks by stimulating skin’s natural synthesis which produces collagen.
Laser treatment for stretch marks aims to get a stimulation of renewed growth of collagen. This is done through the removal of damaged skin tissue and repairing of the middle skin fibers.
The main objective is to fill in those marks by hitting on the underlying layers of the skin and repairing the damage.
What happens in this treatment is that beams of light are hit on one key target. This leads to the encouragement of new growth. While it doesn’t really get rid of the stretch marks completely, it does help to make your skin smoother, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
There are two main types of lasers which are used for skin resurfacing treatment.
At Al-Qudrah Medical Center, we aim to provide you with a complete treatment package which is effective and long-lasting. The two lasers which are made use of :


In this procedure we will be delivering intense wavelength of light which hits the targeted area of the skin. This removes the outer layers of the aged and sun damaged skin. Also the laser causes the stimulation of the underlying skin this leads to collage making and helps to improve the look of stretch marks, making your skin look tighter and smoother.


This is the procedure in which the skin appearance is made to look better by creating heat however not to the intensity in which it breaks the skin’s surface. This heat creation causes for collagen increase and makes the skin tighter and young looking. The heat is released through small , intense sections of release. Platelet rich plasma is also an amazing non-invasive procedure through which you get stretch marks  treatment as they also emphasize on collagen production.


Preparing for Treatment

Benefits of Laser Stretch Marks Treatment

light beams provide great and long-lasting results

While you will notice a range of over the counter medications and options to reverse the visibility of stretch marks on your body, these products can be expensive and many fail to provide long-lasting results.
You can also be subjected to risks and complications.
However laser treatment is an effective way to treat your stretch marks. Using light beams, it hits upon the affected area so to destroy molecular bonds of the tissue cells which have made the marks. Once removed, new collagen production is triggered which leads to skin development, making a healthier appearance and removing the marks.

Many of our customers are content with the results and are left feeling satisfied about removing these marks which are unpleasant and can drastically affect your self-esteem.

What to Expect from Your Laser Treatment

For any treatment, you need to understand in advance and prepare yourself for the sessions you will require. We will look into your history- the duration, the location and the severity of the marks.
Usually we recommend at least 4 treatments giving good breaks of rests in between the treatments.
In your first session, our team will numb. You will usually feel mild discomfort. However in an ablative treatment, you will also face concerns like raw skin, itching, mild bleeding and in some cases scabbing. The side effects in the non ablative laser treatment are very short-termed and healing time is faster.
It is also when you will begin to notice the fading of your stretch marks.

How You Prepare for Treatment

Before setting the date for the procedure, our doctors will look into:
Medical history-we will have a detailed look into your current and past medical conditions and make a complete check on your medications-previous and current.
Physical examination- our doctor will do a complete inspection of your skin. This will enable us to see how your physical features can impact the treatment plan.
Discuss possible results-it is important to us that you are well-informed about the results and we can know of your expectations and how well we can attain those.

After the Procedure

Once an ablative laser resurfacing is done, the treated skin looks rather raw and swollen. We will make use of soothing ointment to apply on your skin. Our specialist team will also make use of pain relievers and cool compresses.
For the non-ablative laser resurfacing, the recovery time is far shorter than ablative. In this treatment, you would also face swelling and discomfort. However this too can be treated with cool compresses and you can soon enough return to your regular skin care routine.

Long-Term Results

In both types of laser treatments, your stretch marks will take considerable time before they become less visible. In the initial days your skin will look rather swollen and red. But with time, it will soon begin to heal and you would see that the stretch marks become less noticeable.
The results of the non-ablative laser treatment are gradual yet progressive. Your skin will start to heal eventually and will look smoother in texture with stretch marks less visible.
To gain effective, long-term results, make sure you stay protected from extensive sun exposure and keep yourself supple with moisture and skin care treatment.



Manage Your Life Better

get results that are forever with laser beam treatment

Be it the ablative or non-ablative laser treatment, we are here to ensure that you rightfully get what you deserve. At Al-Qudrah Medical Center, our team holds years of extensive experience in providing you with great results.

We will ensure your skin is given the best treatment which will provide effective long-term results.

Stretch marks are quite common and can be visibly upsetting depending upon the location where they are.
We will look into the costs, the treatment plan and ways to get a complete treatment plan for you, ensuring the stretch marks are affectively treated.

You will get a highly effective laser skin resurfacing treatment. We will set up a consultation session in which you will understand what results to expect and what steps to follow, ensuring we can maximize those results.

Our treatment plan also includes complete laser treatment for stretch marks aftercare. We will make sure that you are kept aware of any complications such as infection, hyper pigmentation and scarring.

We know you have many possibilities and options to choose from, however at Al-Qudrah Medical Center, we aim to provide you a family setting and complete confidence in our services as well before and after care packages.

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