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Lipolysis: How It’s Effective for Double Chin Treatment

Lipolysis: How It’s Effective for Double Chin Treatment

by Mehr Jan · March 18, 2021

When it comes to treatment of obesity and fat, specifically getting a really effective double chin solution, one of the most important ways you can get effective results is by going for a lipolysis treatment.
This is where lasers break the fat cells. It decreases the fatty tissue in your body. It also helps to make your skin tighter. This blog post will talk about this process in detail, its effects on the body and how you can attain amazing results and look great.


getting lipolysis treatment for fat reduction

What is Lipolysis?

Looking into how the fat cells are broken to become an energy source

How to Prepare for Procedure

double chin solution through lipolysis is popular

What Happens in the Treatment

you will feel certain redness and swelling after treatment

Looking into the Side Effects

it is a non-invasive method to get good weight loss results



What is Lipolysis?

A Lipolysis is a procedure that gives amazing results to your weight-loss concerns. Lipolysis is the process by which fatty acids are broken down in our bodies through enzymes and water. This is also known as hydrolysis or it activates protein kinases.
What happens is that it makes it easy for the body to make use of these stored energy sources when the body needs a quick dose of energy. The fats are ready to be consumed. It is already in a stage of potential energy.
You can call this method as cosmetic surgery even. Even the best society of plastic surgeons think it is an effective way to give a change to the shape of your body, especially those stubborn areas like double chin, love handles etc.
Let’s now learn more about the benefits of this technique and what side effects it can have despite being one of minimal invasive procedures.

how lipolysis helps to treat double chin

Lipolysis Compared to Other Fat Removal Procedures

Lipolysis treatment generally uses lasers to break fat cells apart. Thus reducing the volume of fatty tissue. This process can also tighten your skin in the treated area. You may notice that your skin is smoother and tighter than before.

Overall, lipolysis offers very similar benefits and results compared to other fat removal procedures. The lasers used in this procedure are quote safe for clinical use and do not pose a big risk of burning your skin. However, there is little risk of infection to the treated area. You might notice minimal scarring.

The procedure also has some advantages over cosmetic surgeries like liposuction. Lipolysis procedure can be easily done in your doctor’s office. You will also require a shorter recovery period.

Benefits of Induced Lipolysis

  • One of the major advantages is that there isn’t a high risk involved in the process. The treatment has gone through numerous updates to become an efficient process in helping you towards  weight loss.  This information comes from conducting the procedure and getting results through the years.
  • Also according to reports, there are very low chances of infection in the process. The treated area is safe and you won’t have to face major concerns regarding the matter. This pertains the same to anyone who opts for this treatment. At any age, your doctor will first determine your health stature and then decide on how to proceed with the treatment.
  • Through the years, the treatment has been upgraded to provide great results.
  • There is also minimal risk of scarring despite the heat cooling mechanism.
  • Also the recovery period is shorter when you compare it to other treatment plans. Once the procedure is done, you can then go back to your normal routine within a week to 10 days of the procedure.


How to Prepare for Procedure

In order to prepare for the treatment, your doctor will make sure you are well-tuned every step of the way. This also means, you will be given advice on things to avoid, such as what to eat and what not to, what activities to take on and how to avoid anything which can cause you severe irritation post-treatment.

preparing for fat reduction method

Some of the common things your doctor will ask you to avoid:

If you are taking blood thinning medicine, you might need to stop taking those. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also advised against, for at least two weeks before the procedure begins.

This is because the formula can interfere with your whole healing system.

Even before starting off the treatment, make sure to mention to your doctor clearly if you have been taking any medications prior. This is important. You need to mention any physical activity which requires heavy exertion to the doctor as well.

Also, even if you are an athlete, you need to stay off heavy exertion activities and make sure you take on complete rest before the procedure is done.

Shaving and tanning is also advised against. This is because it will make the skin irritable and this highly impacts how the treatment is done.

Prescription medications is also essential to let your doctor made aware of. Some of these can give a complicated reaction to your treatment so you need to make the doctor completely aware of it.


What Happens During Procedure

While there is a lot for you to prepare in advance, did you know that it takes less than an hour for it to complete.

Also, there is no need for you to be heavily sedated. You can remain during the whole time it is done.

In cases where there are no complications, you will need just one session for the results to show up. This holds true for multiple areas of the skin.

Your doctor can also advice to have the treatment done in combination with another, like liposuction to reduce fat cells. As this can give maximum effect. This is specifically true for getting a good double chin solution.

So let’s look into the detail on how your lipolysis treatment will go:

the treatment combines with other processes for complete results

Liposuction Treatment in Details

Sometimes, lipolysis is done in combination with traditional liposuction. This can add to the duration and recovery process. Talk to your doctor about what you can expect.

The most important element in case of laser lipolysis is a clean environment. Your doctor will ensure you get a treatment in a clean place. This includes making use of sterile scrubs and ensuring a gown is worn at all times.

Your doctor might use local anesthetic. This is an injection which is inserted into the treatment area which is being treated.

You might be thinking it is a painful process, but the fact is it’s not. Only a very small incision is done to your skin. This incision is about a millimeter in size only. And it is done in the area where you have unwanted fat deposits.

The doctor will insert the laser underneath the top layer of your skin called the epidermis. Again, this is when you have sensation of cold and even heat but you cannot call it as pain. You will also have discomfort in the area. But this also goes away with time.

Once this area is all ready, the effect of the laser takes focus. The fat deposits in your skin are then broken with the laser.

These are then massaged out, or in cases where a larger area is under treatment, a vacuum is also made use of. The amount of ‘melted’ fat in the treated area is the deciding factor.

The good thing is- once the treatment is over, you can easily move around and go about doing your daily tasks without any hindrance.

Yes, you heard that right! You can go about your doing your normal activities as soon as you walk outside the doctor’s office.

Are there any Side Effects?

  • ensure complete after-care for full recovery
  • Yes, there are certain risk factors and side effects you should know of.
  • Firstly, there are major chances that you will feel certain discomfort after the treatment. And this sensation can last for a few days after the treatment.
  • In some cases, especially those in which the skin is sensitive, you will also notice minor bruising. This too can remain for a few days but with extra care, it can get better in no time.
  • You need to ensure that you will take good care post-treatment.
  • A laser treatment requires that of you
  • If you don’t do so, there are chances you will suffer from infection. The scarring will also remain for many days.
  • Unfortunately for wounds not cared for properly, you will even suffer from blood clots.
  • In extreme severe cases, there is also unusual swelling and some discharge.

So while there are certain side effects, the treatment is known to be an effective solution for weight loss, including double chin treatment.

The long-term risks aren’t clear as yet but many patients haven’t said of anything that affected them. After the treatment, make sure to take antibiotics for quite a few days. This is important to keep yourself safe from any infections.

The recovery differs for every case, but in most, you should give yourself some time to relax and having a week off would be good, for the results to completely set in.

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After the procedure, you may need to take an antibiotic for a few days to ward off infections. Your doctor will suggest ways to maximize the results of your procedure, which could be a specific set of exercises or a change in your diet. Recovery times differ in individuals.

While some say that the results aren’t visible right away, the fact is lipolysis gets the job done sooner than soon. You will actually feel that your skin is getting tighter. You will also feel it is becoming firmer as well as more compact.

However, the side effects are also quite visible in the start. This includes bruising and swelling. But having a good post-treatment care is important to ensure you have a smooth recovery. Although remember, if you feel something different from the ordinary, make sure to speak to your doctor about it.

Having unusual discharge or unexplainable pain needs to be diagnosed properly. It is best that you keep at least 1-2 follow-ups with your doctor. This will keep the healing mechanism smooth and steady.

You should be able to see some of the effects of lipolysis right away. Your skin might appear tighter, feel firmer, and be more compact. But you may also see some bruising, swelling, and irritation in the area where lipolysis was applied.

Keep an eye on the area, and see your doctor if you experience any unusual changes in pain or drainage.

Your doctor may ask to see you for a follow-up about a week after the procedure to make sure things are healing correctly. There are crazy processes and treatments out there that give you false promises on the ultimate weight loss. Make sure you understand what works and what doesn’t.

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