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Retinol Cream: To Improve Your Skin Health

Retinol Cream: To Improve Your Skin Health

by Shankari Das · January 29, 2022

You might know that retinol cream is often touted as a miracle skin care ingredient. Experts believe that retinol cream can do wonders for the skin. The cream is both beautifully hydrating and smoothing. It will leave your skin with a gorgeous glow, though it may also help leave your skin looking firmer over time.

Most skincare experts have heard of retinol, but very few have truly understood it. Retinol is one of many members of the retinoid family. Retinoids, compounds derived from vitamin A often come in various forms.


What is Retinol Cream?

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. It is a substance commonly used to reduce wrinkles and treat acne. It is one of the many types of retinoids. Retinoids are an umbrella term used for all vitamin A derivatives. Retinol cream is one such product.

You should know that retinoids come in a variety of strengths. Therefore, they are known by different names. But retinol cream is the most common type.

Retinol cream 1

You might be familiar with the word Retinoid, as it is popular by that name. Note that retinol is weaker than most retinoids, and you can easily find it in many over-the-counter products. Most of these products are readily accessible and you will not need a prescription for use, unlike other potent forms of retinoids.

The good news is you can find all types of retinoid for your skin type. But along with the good stories come plenty of bad stories as well. Some say retinol might ruin your skin, that leaves people too scared to try it.

Can retinol cream transform your skin care regimen for the better? Or does retinol actually have the ability to damage your complexion? We try explaining more about retinol cream and its benefits to your skin.

When Will Retinol Cream Start Working?

Many often ask how long they can see the result. The results will solely depend on a variety of factors. It primarily depends on your skin type, the product’s dosage, and how much product you use. On average, you can expect to see the benefits of retinol cream after about twelve weeks of consistent use.

Start slow with little retinol cream and work your way up. On the contrary, using a retinoid product that is too strong might bring about more unnecessary and annoying side effects.


How Does Retinol Cream Work?

Retinol works by triggering the skin cells of the outermost layer of the skin to turn faster to generate new skin cells. This process results in more even-looking and smoother skin.

In addition, retinol cream increases the production of natural chemicals such as hyaluronic acid when you apply it to your skin. These chemicals will keep your skin moist and plump. Retinol may also boost collagen production and also prevent the collagen breakdown that exists already.

Retinol cream 2

Chances are, you would have heard about the wrinkle-reducing benefits of retinol. But may not understand exactly what this hero ingredient is or what this ingredient can do for your skin.
In essence, retinol belongs to the class of ingredients known as retinoids, derived from vitamin A. Retinol has several benefits on your skin. It is a star ingredient in many anti-aging and skin serums.

How to Apply Retinol for Best Results

As effective as retinol is when it comes to reversing damage, how you apply it can affect the results you see. As this product can cause the skin to dry out and sometimes turn red, it is best to talk to your dermatologist before you start a retinol regimen.

Most dermatologists advise starting with retinol products containing a low concentration (0.25% to 0.3%) of the ingredient. First, see how your skin reacts before moving to higher concentrations.

Here is how to incorporate retinol cream into your skin care routine:

Step 1 – Wash your face and apply a layer of eye cream. It would help protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

Step 2 – Wait a few minutes till your skin is completely dry. This is important, probably because damp skin will be able to absorb more deeply into your skin and may cause irritation. We can apply moisturizers and serums to slightly damp skin, but never retinol.

Step 3 – Take a small amount of your retinol cream, and starting at your chin, apply with your fingertips in upward and outward motions.

Step 4 – Also, remember to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen the following day. It is necessary as retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.


Benefits of Retinol Cream

Given retinol’s impressive benefits, retinol cream is a favorite among many dermatologists. You should understand retinol and how best you can use it. If you dig deeper, you know exactly how to do retinol work for your skin.

Here is what you need to know about how retinol cream works and its benefits for your skin.

Retinol cream 3


Few of the benefits of retinol cream:

1 Improves the appearance of acne

According to research, clinical data shows that retinol and even retinol products are highly effective in treating inflammatory and even non-inflammatory acne. It can also reduce the visibility of pimples on the skin. Moreover, it stops the development of new pimples and acne blemishes.

One significant way retinol cream improves the appearance of acne is by encouraging cell turnover. Acne develops when dead skin cells and oil collect inside the hair follicles. With retinol, those cells are shed and replaced more quickly.

The cream can also decrease oil production in these cells. It is possible as the cells bind to the specific receptors for retinol within your skin cells. If your skin has reduced oil production, it will prevent oil from blocking your pores, thus preventing acne.

Your dermatologist will recommend three months of use to get optimal results to keep your skin clear and clear up your acne.

2 Brightens dull skin

Retinol cream can do magic and help brighten dull skin. Dull skin can be caused due to pregnancy, stress, and sun damage. Moreover, poor lifestyle habits like drinking alcohol in excess and smoking could also be a factor. Env pollution also plays a crucial role in giving your skin a dull look.

Retinol in the retinol cream works by calming down your skin cells that produce melanin, the dark pigment. Retinol makes these skin cells turn over, thus making your skin smoother, healthier, and look brighter.

A 2016 study studied the effect of a retinal product containing 0.5 percent retinol on people with moderate hyperpigmentation. By four weeks, participants showed a significant improvement in their hyperpigmentation. Therefore, researchers confirmed that the retinol product worked well for skin brightening. Especially when they used the product with other skincare routines that included sunscreen.

3 Retinol Can Help Even Skin Tone

As retinol cream stimulates skin cell turnover, it works as a kind of skin exfoliating effect. Your dull and dry skin will make way for new, brighter, and more even-toned skin. It is possible as your skin is armed with increased collagen and elastin levels. The thicker skin is smoother and has fewer overall imperfections. Therefore you will have relatively problem-free skin that can have radiating effects from retinol.

You will have increased collagen production after the use of the cream. It naturally helps to improve the appearance of your wrinkles by thickening the skin’s inner layer.

4 Retinol Is Cost-Effective

Many see retinol creams as expensive and unaffordable. However, spending on short-term, cheaper solutions might ultimately prove the pricier option. Therefore use retinol cream as it has scientifically-proven benefits.


Retinol Cream for Anti-aging Treatment

Do you know that retinol cream works as an anti-aging treatment in many significant ways? Retinol can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it helps with sun damage and can also help get rid of dark spots.

Collagen is a protein prepared by your body that keeps the skin looking smooth. A decrease in collagen production causes wrinkles. Retinol works wonders as it reduces the appearance of your skin.

Retinol cream 4

The cream can help fade away fine lines and wrinkles by boosting blood flow to your skin. Probably because collagen production increases.

Retinol also helps with dark spots and sun damage, encouraging skin cell turnover. As a result, it allows your skin to shed discolored skin cells. But note that retinol cream also makes you more susceptible to sun damage. This is the sole reason why retinol products should only be used at night. At the same time, you should use a broad spectrum of sunscreen each morning, even when you are indoors.

Retinol Cream for Aged Skin

According to a 2000 study, researchers studied the effect of applying retinol on aged skin. They observed that retinol used for seven days led to a reduction in the breakdown of collagen. The increased collagen production was the prime reason. They concluded that retinol cream might be used for effective anti-aging treatments.

Your dermatologist would encourage continuous use if you plan to use retinol cream for its anti-aging properties. Retinol can extensively help with sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles if used for long.

To stay on top of an anti-aging regimen, you should use it continuously. It might even take three to six months of regular use to see a noticeable improvement in your wrinkles.

How Does Retinol Keep You Looking Young?

Retinol helps neutralize the free radicals that might be causing collagen damage in your skin. Your body will naturally produce less collagen when you age. Retinol can help preserve your collagen stores as it stimulates new collagen production. Therefore the layer of your skin where wrinkles form, starts to thicken. Your existing wrinkles appear to smooth out. Once new collagen production starts, it would prevent new wrinkles from forming.


Frequently Asked Questions

As you might be aware, retinol is one of the most common types of retinoids readily available over-the-counter. And retinol cream is one such product.

In general, you can use the cream for a few months to see noticeable changes.

Retinol cream 5


Here are a few FAQs:

1 Why Choose Retinol Cream?

Even beginners can try to use the product safely – the less concentrated ones. Note that you might end up with red, irritated, and peeling skin with too much retinol. Hence follow your dermatologis’s instructions. If used with precaution, retinol has the potential to be one of the best proactive and preventative solutions for your skin.

2 Is Retinol Cream Dangerous?

Many people are warned by retinol as it has been associated with peeling, harsh, flaky skin. In reality, retinol cream is well-researched, and has established credibility in the medical community. Experts believe that there are no long-term adverse effects from its use.

3 What Are the Side Effects of Retinol?

There is a common misconception that retinol products thin the skin. This is not true. Retinol actually stimulates collagen production. Your skin will thicken once you add it to your routine. Other common visible side effects include skin dryness. A diligent moisturizing routine is an answer.

Retinol cream 11


As you have seen, retinol cream has many skincare benefits. However, it can irritate and dry some people with sensitive skin. In such a case, start with a product with a low concentration of retinol and use it only once or twice in a week. Once your skin becomes more tolerant, you can up the frequency. Then you can try out products with a higher concentration of retinol. Yes, a product with guaranteed, proven results!

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