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Teeth Whitening: A Complete Guide On Getting Best Results

by Aziza · October 8, 2020

A pearly white smile is what many desire. Fortunately there is a dental service that gets you just that.
Teeth whitening involves adding coral to your teeth, giving it an attractive look. It not only makes your teeth whiter, but will also lighten the present colour with several other colours.

Regular brushing and flossing are ways that helps to keep your teeth bright, white and healthy. However, if you feel that your smile could do well with little less yellow, you’re not alone.

Yank Academy of Dentistry ran a survey, learning respondents wanted white teeth more than anything else to help improve their smiles.

Furthermore, the Yank Association of Orthodontists found that 90% of patients request for dental lightening.

So how does the magic happen? What’s the know-how on getting that perfect smile ?

Check out our comprehensive study, detailing what are the most common asked questions regarding what makes the teeth loose its shine and how to pursue an amazing teeth whitening procedure.

Why Have My Teeth Changed?

Over time, your teeth could flip white to less white for variety of reasons:

  • Food and Drink

Tea and vine and coffee are one of the common reason that causes stains on the surface of teeth. What do they have in common? A thick colour referred to as chromogens sticks to the white outer part of your tooth (its enamel).

  • Tobacco

Tar and phytotoxin are chemicals found in cigarettes that produce stubborn stains. Tar is of course dark. Phytotoxin is colorless and mixed with atomic number 8.

After that, it turns yellow, with additional spots.

  • Age

To a lower place the white outer shell of your teeth (the crust) could be a soft spot referred to as dentin.

Over time, the outer layer of its outer layer becomes dilutant by brushing and additional of the yellow dentin shows.

  • Trauma

Once smitten within the mouth, your tooth will amend colour as a result of it response to break by putting additional dentin, that could be a darker layer beneath its enamel.

  • Medications

Cavity may be a facet result of sure antihistamines, antipsychotics and high pressure level medications. Youngsters exposed to antibiotics like antibacterial drug and Vibramycin once :their teeth type (either within the uterus or as a baby) could flip black on older teeth as they get older.

Chemical treatments on the top and head and neck also can darken teeth.

Beautiful smiling model with dental mirror image

Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Dental whitening in Sharjah could be a straightforward procedure. Whitening products contain one tooth bleach (hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide).

This bleach breaks the stains into smaller items, creating the colour less intense and your teeth brighter.

Will Whitening Work For All Of My Teeth?

No, that’s why it’s necessary to consult a dental practitioner before deciding to whiten your teeth, as whites might not fix all the colour changes.

My Teeth Whitening Options:

Check with your dental practitioner before beginning. If you’re a candidate, there are four ways to bring back shine to your smile:

  • Dentifrice

It helps to get rid of excess stain with the action of tiny abrasives that brush the teeth. These toothpastes have extra sprucing properties that are safe for your teeth and supply sensible colour performance.

In contrast to bleach, these forms of products approved by the ADA don’t amend the colour of the teeth as they’ll solely take away stains from the surface.

  • In Office Bleaching

This procedure is termed chair side bleaching and typically needs only 1 workplace visit.

The dental practitioner will apply a protecting gel to your gums or a rubber defend to shield your gums. Bleach is then applied to the teeth.

  • Home Kits For Teeth Whitening

A dental practitioner will provide you a custom receptacle to white reception. During this case, the dental practitioner can provide you with directions to apply the lightening resolution to the receptacle.


This could be an associate choice if you are feeling too snug to whiten your teeth at home, however you opt for a dental practitioner’s expertise to the process . Workplace stains will take any place from a number of days to a number of weeks.

Over-the-Counter Bleaching

You’ll see a range of choices online or at your native foodstuff, like dentifrice or teeth whitening strips. The filtering of the filling agent within these is in a smaller amount than what your dental practitioner will use in the workplace. If you’re considering employing an over-the-counter bail tool, discuss options with your dental practitioner.


Side Effects of Teeth Whitening:

Some patients opting for this experience will face concerns like dental sensitivity. That happens once peroxide in an agent penetrates through the crust into a soft layer of dentin and irritates the feeling of your tooth.

In most cases, the sensitivity is temporary. You’ll take the treatment, then strive once more. Excessive use of whites will injure the enamel or gums, thus make certain to follow the directions and check with your dental practitioner.

Who Will Perform This Procedure?

Dental lightening could be a sort of dental treatment and may solely be performed by a dental practitioner or alternative regulated dentist, like a dental hygienist or dental therapist, as per the prescription of a dentist.

Some beauty salons supply white teeth, however this isn’t medically orthodox, and you might be placing your oral health in danger.

Portrait of joyful satisfied girl gesturing her beaming white healthy teeth with two forefingers looking at camera isolated on grey background. Orthodontic concept

You can opt to purchase white DIY home teeth kits, however this could prove harmful as well.

Tooth Whitening 101

The dental practitioner will take an image of your teeth to create associate mouth guard and tell you the way to use it with a lubricating gel.

After that apply the gel  over 2 to four weeks. Some white gels may be left for up to eight hours at a time, reducing the treatment time to 1 week. Optical device lightening, conjointly referred to as power lightening, is another sort of lightening tooth system that a dental practitioner will provide you with.

The bleaching product is painted on your teeth and a light-weight or optical device is employed to whiten the teeth. Optical device lightening takes about an hour to be done.

Can Any Dental Practitioner Whiten My Teeth?

Dental practitioners registered with the Dental Council are certified to perform . Registered dental practitioners and hygienists can also do it as per the prescription by a dentist.

Ultraviolet light procedure at dentist office

Cons of Home Kits And Salon Teeth Whitening:

Don’t opt for teeth whitening procedures done by unqualified attendees at beauty salons as this is  illegal. Choose a certified dental practitioner for Dental whitening in Sharjah

Home kits may be dangerous too.  Some home kits don’t contain enough whitening product to be effective. Also, if the dental practitioner doesn’t whiten it, the mouth guard might not work properly thus a number of the overflowing gel could jump into your gums and mouth, inflicting collisions and discomfort.

Dental whitening done at beauty salons by primitive or unqualified employees puts your oral health in danger and is unlawful.

What Question Should I Ask My Dental Practitioner Before Proceeding?

Don’t be afraid to raise straightforward questions about the kinds of whitening treatments on the board; what results you’ll get and whether or not the activity is bonded for a specific time period.

You’ll need to question them if there are any risks concerned with teeth whitening, example- an increase in the sensitivity of your teeth.

Try to reach people who have already undergone the same treatment or visit another dental expert for having another opinion till the time you are sure about your decision.

Always ask for a written treatment set up before continuing.

Risks Associated With Teeth Whitening:

Whitening of teeth isn’t permanent. It will last for a number of months or up to three years.It varies from person to person.

The result of lightening won’t last long if you smoke or drink, as all of this will likely stain your teeth.

Can Whitening of Teeth Work On False Teeth?

Tooth whitening doesn’t work well on dentures, crowns, fillings or exposure.

Hazards of Teeth Whitening:

In spite of what treatment you utilize, your gums will be sensitive to the chemicals accustomed during the procedure, particularly if you have already got sensitive teeth.

There’s conjointly the likelihood of burns on the gums and reception of a few white kits used at homer will injure the enamel.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

  •  Teeth lightening increases your self confidence

Whether you’re at work, on a date, creating a presentation, or simply walking down the road, a smile with bright, shiny teeth is tough to dismiss!

White teeth are a sign to others that you just care about yourself and are concerned about your looks too. Those around you may be ready to hear this!

You’ll have healthy teeth and a straight smile however you’re not resistant to the injury everyone seems to experience from food and drink.

Food, coffee, tea, and soda stain our teeth over time. When the right whitening method is used, you may instantly notice the distinction while not having to ‘filter ’or edit your photos.

Brushing your teeth can facilitates fighting stains from your daily diet and drink.

dentist examining teeth before teeth whitening

  •  Whitening of teeth reduces the looks of wrinkles

If you are feeling awkward with wrinkles, lightening your teeth may be a good means for you

Rather than concentrating on your wrinkles, folks will be more likely to target your bright white smile. This may result in their attention removed from the looks of wrinkles, scars, and  fine lines.

  • Teeth lightening doesn’t break the bank

Tooth lightening isn’t as high-priced as plastic surgery! Teeth whitening is budget friendly and affordable.


And there you have it. A complete overview on why teeth whitening is such a popular service and how you can achieve the best results.

Your teeth define your personality. How you present yourself to others, plays a strong role in how people create impressions about you.

You deserve the best look; your smile deserves the best spark. We hope you gained great insights on perfect teeth whitening techniques and tips.

Check out how Al-Qudrah is providing quality teeth whitening treatment you rightfully deserve.

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