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Dental Scaling


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Having a beautiful smile is everyone’s desire and you don’t need expensive procedures to get what you want. Moreover, dental scaling is one of those cleaning procedures for your teeth which dentists perform for patients to enhance their smiles. If left untreated, it can evolve into gum disease, producing an unattractive smile or bite.

Let’s give you some brief information about dental scaling before talking about facilities available at Al Qudrah Medical Center.

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What is Dental Scaling?

Scaling is a common cleaning procedure for your teeth. However, it goes deeper than the ordinary cleaning procedure. Moreover, scaling reaches below gum line to remove any kind of plaque that has built up in the past. It specifically helps people with gum disease and plaque build-up.

Furthermore, in case of plaque build-up or gum disease, it can be a precursor to periodontal diseases where your gums might start pulling away from your teeth or become swollen. Moreover, it can create more pockets in nooks and corners of your teeth which give more space for bacteria to grow and cause problems for your teeth. Furthermore, if it is left untreated, you might experience bleeding gums, bad breath, shifting teeth and other such problems.

Preventive Care:

In order to prevent this from happening, the doctors recommend patients to clean their teeth properly by brushing and flossing. Moreover, flossing is very important along with brushing as it helps clean gaps not reachable by toothbrushes.

When Do You Need Dental Scaling?

While it is wise to adapt dental scaling is a regular procedure twice in a year in your daily routine. However, if you are showing symptoms of periodontal diseases, it is important you get the treatment done to ensure healthy oral hygiene.

Moreover, periodontal disease causes huge pockets to develop between your teeth and the gums. This causes for more bacteria to clogged up in that area. Furthermore, brushing can’t help reach these spots and if left untreated, the disease will cause a number of problems like:

*bone and tissue loss

*teeth loss

*loose teeth

*moving teeth

It is quite a common issue in dental health. The reasons why you might have periodontal disease are:

*you are subjected to very oral hygiene

*smoking often is another cause

*aging can also lead to rise in the disease

*having drastic changes in hormones can make an impact

*poor nutrition and less fresh, raw items in the diet affect your teeth heath

*if you have family history of the disease in the family

*subjected to various medical conditions


The Al-Qudrah Commitment to You:

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Amazing Results

Our dental team conducts an assessment of your dental care needs and provides the right treatment plan for you. Our team aims to your oral problems fast and efficiently.

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Team Dedication

Moreover, a dedicated and distinguished team of dental practitioners that delivers treatments specially suited to our patient’s particular needs.

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Focused Environment

Furthermore, an exclusive and adaptable clinical environment which offers comprehensive treatment options and responding to clients’ concerns promptly and courteously.

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Hygienic Treatment

Exceptionally attentive standards of customer care before, during and after treatment which means our patients are very happy to revisit our practice as well as provide recommendations to friends and families.

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Safety is Priority

Moreover, our staff is dedicated to offering top-rated treatment for all dental problems and reshapes your teeth through dental scaling.

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Affordable Packages

Furthermore, we offer affordable and budget friendly packages for you to opt for procedures like dental scaling to focus purely on you and making you look your absolute best.

Results you can trust

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Benefits of Dental Scaling:

*prevention of tooth decay- the major issues arise from cavity formation and this can be combated if you start early the practice of teeth scaling. Moreover, since cavities lead to plaque creation and damages the enamel, it is important to have it properly removed. Furthermore, while brushing your teeth does help in combating plaque buildup, proper cleanup is done by dental scaling- an appointment that should be set twice in a year.

*combating periodontal disease-plaque has many harmful effects including impairment of your gums. Therefore, it is important that you invest time in teeth cleaning and this will protect your gum line. Moreover, this is considered as a strong anchor to maintaining health oral hygiene.

*when you are in the habit of consuming too much carbonated drinks or caffeinated drinks, chances are you will develop stains on your teeth. Moreover, these are unappealing to look at and can cause further damage to the teeth. Dental scaling allows for the removal of these pigments and whitens the teeth as well in the process.

*tackling the case of bad breath: one of its most troublesome side effects is that plaque causes halitosis or what is called ‘bad breath’. Moreover, this is when bacteria get trapped on the teeth. Furthermore, while brushing and flossing regularly tackles the situation halfway, you will need dental scaling to properly remove all the bacteria-buildup which is causing the foul smell.

*invest wisely- investing your money now for a simple procedure like dental scaling will help you to stay safe and not invest in something as heavy and complex as restorative dental procedures. Moreover, preventive care is much more easy and accessible, leading to fewer complications.

What Are The Risks Associated With Dental Scaling?

The risks are minimal in this process. Moreover, some people believe in the myth that scaling weakens your teeth which is not true. Moreover, this process is very effective in what it does and provides you with clean teeth and shining smile.

Furthermore, there might be a minimal risk of infection after the procedure for which your dentist might prescribe you antibiotics. He might also advise you to use mouthwash after consuming food.

Why Should You Get Dental Scaling?

If you have an unflattering smile that you are very conscious of, this procedure is best for you. Moreover, it not only cleans any plaque build-up but also provides you with a shining smile.

Also, to know more details about dental scaling, its procedure as well as benefits, don’t forget to check our blog post on Dental Scaling.

Furthermore, dealing with these dental issues beforehand can help you financially and emotionally as it protects you from worse problems and other restorative procedures.

Why Should You Choose Al Qudrah Medical Center?

Al Qudrah Medical Center in Sharjah is one of the leading medical centers in the region providing dental services. Moreover, we have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who not only provide their services in preventive care but also restorative care. Furthermore, we have latest technology required for these procedures and we keep track of any new innovations in our field so that we can provide you with best treatments available.

Moreover, our team of professionals is available to have a chat with you to discuss your dental health and any treatments or remedies you might need to improve it. Furthermore, we are a phone call away from providing you with the best treatment in Sharjah!

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

Our Clients


We are here to provide you with the complete know-how on getting the most from our list of services offered. Here are answers to your most common concerns regarding these services.

Moreover, if your query isn’t answered here, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team of professionals at Al-Qudrah Medical Center.

How long does it take to undergo scaling?

This process does not take very long. Moreover, it can take somewhere between half an hour to an hour. Your dentist should schedule a second appointment with you to examine if everything is on the mend and there aren’t any gum pockets or other such issues.

Does scaling whiten your teeth?

It does clean up your teeth including any stains caused by smoking etc. Moreover, it does whiten your teeth to a certain extent but if you need best results in whitening you can also opt for whitening treatment available at Al Qudrah Medical Center.

What to expect after the procedure?

After the procedure, you might experience sensitivity in your teeth. Moreover, there can be some bleeding as well. You will experience pain which will subside gradually. Furthermore, you can use desensitizing toothpaste and mouthwash. Your dentist can prescribe you with antibiotics to deal with pain. Also, you should follow flossing and brushing procedures religiously.

Is it an expensive procedure?

It is not an expensive procedure. Moreover, it costs less and provides you with great healthy teeth. It also saves any future expensive treatments if you invest now and take care of your teeth and gums.

Is Scaling good for teeth?

Scaling removes tartar and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Moreover, scaling and deep cleaning of gums prevents bad breadth and bleeding gums. Thus, scaling is beneficial.

scaling damage gums?

Moreover, improper scaling can also loosen the teeth and cause some to fall out. However, although anything is possible, periodontal scaling done by professionals have not been reported to damage the root of the teeth and have been shown to remarkably fight gum disease.

How long do teeth hurt after scaling?

Moreover, after scaling and root planning is completed, you may experience slight discomfort around the teeth for several days and increased sensitivity to hot and cold (and sometimes sweets) for up to four to six weeks

Do gums grow back after scaling?

Furthermore, your gum tissue doesn’t regenerate the way other types of tissue does (like the epithelial tissue of your skin, for example). As a result, receding gums don’t grow back. Moreover, keep reading to learn what you can do to treat receding gums, even if they won’t grow back.

Can I brush my teeth after scaling?

Brush Gently. Moreover, three to five days after your last root scaling treatment, both bleeding and discomfort will start to abate. Therefore, it is still a good idea to continue using a soft toothbrush. However, given that hard bristles and aggressive brushing can cause the gums to draw further back from the teeth.

How long after teeth scaling can I eat?

Furthermore, wait at least two hours before eating, and then select a soft diet for the first 48-72 hours, chewing on the opposite side of your mouth. Avoid alcoholic drinks and hot or spicy foods until your gums are healed.

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