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One of the first things you notice about a person is their smile. It makes a strong impression. Where your smile projects confidence, Invisalign ensures you get the perfect smile.

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May 2022


What are Invisalign Aligners?

So, what is Invisalign?

It is a state-of-the art treatment which makes use of clear tray aligners. It works like braces and not retainers because the solid plastic helps to move and shape your teeth properly.

However, they differ from braces because these custom-made aligners can be easily removed when you are brushing or eating. However, it’s recommended to keep the tray on for 20 hours a day. These trays are also called replacement trays because the design is made in such a way, so to support the shifting and moving of your teeth.

Invisalign provides a unique design for every patient. We at Al-Qudrah Medical Center, will set a consultation session with you, so as to design the perfect treatment plan-guaranteeing 100% results.

The Al-Qudrah Commitment to You:

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Cost-Effective Invisalign

Our vision is to provide you with the necessary sessions to create a solid Invisalign plan that transforms into an advantageous treatment, aimed at being budget-friendly and applicable to a large sector of the Dubai community. We at Al-Qudrah ensure quality met in the most reeasonable package.

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Quality Assured

Our operations adhere to top quality standards by applying the highest parameters for sterilization. Our clinic makes use of imported materials, spelling out success with an overall efficient framework. We follow certain quality parameters and revise the quality control mechanism applied in the system to ensure the treatment if provided at ace quality.

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3D Technology Impact

Our specialists aim to use high quality X-rays. It is to get concrete impressions in creating the precise 3-D images needed of your teeth for proper aligner trays configuration.

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Invisalign vs Braces

Invisalign provides customized aligner trays which are a popular choice over regular braces for being smoothed, comfortable, and BPA-free. Also Invisalign is chosen over braces for its invisible-feel quality, allowing patients to go about their daily routine with ease, confidence and comfort.

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Impressive Team of Professionals

We take pride in our qualified and experienced family of professional, dental surgeons. You are in secure hands as our team brings with it an extensive amount of dental experience so to offer the best Invisalign treatment in Dubai.

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Painless Procedure

We have mastered the art of providing a treatment which is gentle and associated with minimal discomfort, giving you an easy to handle treatment. The treatment is non-invasive, making it preferrable for patients of various ages.

Results you can trust

Before ImageAfter Image
Before ImageAfter Image

Types of Teeth for Invisalign Treatment:

Now, before making the decision if this is the right treatment for you, check out if your set of teeth fall into any one of the below categories that need Invisalign treatment:

  • Crossbite- your upper and lower jaw aren’t lining up
  • Open Bite- your top and bottom teeth don’t meet up
  • Underbite- your bottom teeth protrude past upper teeth
  • Overbite- your upper front teeth close in front of the lower teeth
  • Gap teeth- you have considerable spaces between your teeth
  • Crowded teeth – your jaw doesn’t have enough space for the teeth to fit normally
  • Baby and Permanent teeth- This is the Phase 1 orthodontic treatment we conduct for growing children who have a mix of baby and permanent teeth

How it works?

Overall, it is a painless way to straighten your teeth.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Invisalign treatment works:

  • A patient with crooked teeth sets an appointment.
  • Our specialists determine the problem, eventually kick-start the process to create your custom-made, undetectable aligners
  • Impressions of your teeth are taken after examination by our dental practitioner
  • The impression trays are then filled with impression material
  • These are placed over your teeth
  • Once properly set, they are then removed
  • Your exact impressions and dental records are sent to Invisalign facilities
  • A digital model of your teeth is created
  • According to the dental treatment plan we made for you, the Invisalign software plans the movement of teeth from current position to desired position
  • Once this 3D-treatment plan has been approved, the custom-made aligners are created
  • These aligners follow the stages of treatment plan designed, giving you the amazing end result you desire
  • The aligners fit comfortably over your teeth
  • Every two weeks, you will switch to a new set of aligners
  • You will be guided on how to keep your aligners clean and the amount of time you need to wear them to ensure their effect is taking place
  • Each aligner is custom-designed to move your teeth in place, step by step.

Why Invisalign Works:

*It’s important that you wear them as required by your dental surgeon.  When the first aligners are picked, your doctor will first have a consultation session on how they fit well into your smile.

*Once your first set of invisalign has been fitted in, you will have continuous doctor check-ins on regular intervals to ensure the invisalign is effectively doing its job.

*Also, at Al-Qudrah, we set face to face meet-ups to ensure your progress is going as expected as well as explain how your batch of aligners during every set of treatment will get the job done and how you can ensure the treatment is going as according to the plan.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Invisalign:

Easier to Clean : They are much easier to clean than traditional braces.

Removable aligners: It’s easier to remove the aligner trays and wash them with warm water and a brush whenever needed.

A natural look: The best thing about Invisalign is that it is almost invisible. It allows you to start feeling confident during the treatment itself.

Less follow-up visits: While fitting metal braces, you would need to have regular office visits to tighten the rubber bands or wires; with Invisalign you are free from this stress. We prepare the aligners for various stages in advance

Its comfortable: Invisalign’s biggest benefit is it’s comfort. Regular braces cause soreness in the mouth due to the tightening sensation, however these plastic aligners are far more easy and convenient to wear.

Why Choose Al-Qudrah?

Firstly, it is our job to ensure you get that beautiful smile. Secondly, we work hard to get those results!

Al-Qudrah has a qualified and experienced team of professional, dental surgeons who hold extensive years of dental experience in Invisalign treatment in Dubai. We adhere to quality standards by implying the highest parameters for sterilisation. Our clinic utilises imported materials, so we can get the best possible results in an efficient framework.

We spend a detailed consultation session with you so to guarantee the agreed treatment is put into effect. And you conclude your dental treatment with that perfect, natural looking smile.

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May 2022

Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

Our Clients


We are here to provide you with the complete know-how on getting the most from our list of services offered. Here are answers to your most common concerns regarding these services.

If your query isn’t answered here, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team of professionals at Al-Qudrah Medical Center.

Are traditional braces faster than Invisalign?

One of the major differences between both dental treatments is that traditional braces are considered to give the desired result faster. However, they are not removable and require 4-8 weeks of continuous follow-up visits.

Do I have to take out my Invisalign to drink?

Yes. Besides plain water, whatever beverage you take in, it is highly important that you first remove your aligners before drinking, especially drinking a hot beverage like coffee or tea as it can warp the plastic.

How do you clean your Invisalign retainer?

To have a long-lasting effect of this treatment, it is important that you clean the retainers regularly. And it takes only a few minutes. You need to soak them in a retainer cleaning solution and then brush it with a toothbrush that has light bristles.

How long do you wear Invisalign?

The dentists recommend wearing aligners for 20 to 22 hours in one day, in order to get the desired results in an efficient way.

How much is Invisalign?

Since this is considered as a convenient treatment, the costs of getting an Invisalign treatment are rather high. However, if you have insurance coverage, it will be able to give you a decent rate.

What age do you have to be to get Invisalign?

The treatment works for customers in a range of age groups. This includes young individuals, teenagers and adults.

Can I drink coffee with Invisalign in?

You must remove your Invisalign before drinking especially hot coffee as it can damage the plastic. Also be sure to put them back in as soon as you’re done to get the desired effect.

Can Invisalign fix protruding front teeth?

Yes, this treatment has a strong effect of being able to push the front teeth back, however there should be plenty of space for them to be able to move in.

Does Invisalign take longer than regular braces?

While some clinics may suggest it is faster as you need to wear Invisalign trays 22 hours a day, others suggest the continuous wearing of regular braces will give you the desired result. However, the duration of the treatment will ultimately depend upon every patient’s own preference and need.

How long is the Invisalign treatment?

Usually the treatment is expected to continue from 12 to 18 months. However, wearing them the required amount of time will bear results in a matter of weeks even.

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