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Radiofrequency Lipolysis

Radiofrequency Lipolysis at Al Qudrah!

If you do not want to undergo invasive treatments to achieve your desired body shape, no need to worry. We have got you covered! There are many non-surgical, non invasive treatments out there to reduce body fat and sculpt your body. Radiofrequency lipolysis is one such method that uses radiofrequency technology in fat reduction treatments without having the need to make any incisions. Our modern beauty standards have prompted innovation to devise ways in order to achieve low body fat ratio.

For many people, these treatments are the easy way to achieve the body of their dreams. Radiofrequency lipolysis, with minimal discomfort, can target areas that need slimming through radio waves and melt fat underneath your skin.

Al-Qudrah Medical Center provides this facility at their Sharjah clinic where you can come, consult doctors and undergo this procedure. Before we move on to talk about facilities at Al Qudrah, let’s talk briefly about this procedure so that you have basic information about it.

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What is Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is basically a method which prompts accumulated fat in the body to break down through the action of enzyme or heat. There are many sources through which lipolysis or the process of melting fat inside the skin layers can take place which are injections, laser, ultrasound, radio frequency etc.

Body parts with localized fat bulge can be treated with such techniques where fats can be broken down by targeting subcutaneous layer of the skin where fat accumulates. This treatment reduces any chances of medical complications from arising, giving quality results.

The Al-Qudrah Commitment to You:

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Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

We are committed to non-surgical procedures and use Radiofrequency lipolysis to impact the body fat ratio by slimming through radio waves, without the need to have any incisions made. The treatment aims to be painless and ensures quality results with minimal side affects.

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Collagen Production

This treatment emphasizes collagen increase by using advanced and modern technology which heats the collagen, allowing for it to contract and approving the skin’s existing condition. This is the natural and most effective way for your body to get rejuvenated skin.

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Skin Tightening in Focus

Adapting the process of collagen synthesis through a series of sessions, you will have visible skin tightening. We will adapt state of the art technology to ensure you get smooth and firm skin which is as natural looking as possible.

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Personalized Treatment Plan

Every body structure is different and requires different treatment plans. A consultation session with our certified team will determine how to use this modern aesthetic medicine to get you the body look you desire. Since every person has a unique body mechanism, it is important that you get customized solutions that are specific to your body type and needs.

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Innovative Framework

Our vision is accelerated with the advancement of technology. Using the proven method of radio frequency, we aim to provide you with the best outcome with little to no discomfort.

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Long-lasting Results

With our treatment and the constant guidance of the experts, you will see your skin results continuously improving, as collagen production increases over several months. We also provide follow-up appointments to ensure that the treatment’s results are progressing as well as expected.

Results you can trust

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What is Radiofrequency Lipolysis?

This treatment uses radio waves to target fat pockets in the skin without making any contact with the skin. This procedure only target subcutaneous fat layer and causes no harm to other skin cells. Patients who want to get rid of fat in the body like belly fat or double chin can be treated with this treatment. It is non-invasive hence painless. This treatment reduce fat volume in targeted areas so based on body’s fat you can have the process administered on you in multiple areas or have an area treated multiple times.

This treatment not only helps in reducing fat but also sculpting of the body as well as skin improvement. It improves skin texture, get rids of wrinkles and stretch marks and molds body into desired shape. According to your need, the body is targeted in that way so that desired result is achieved. Due to Rf activity, body produces more collagen and helps improve skin over the span of the treatment.

We have the state of the art equipment at our disposal as well as a team of specialists and experts who aim to give you the best treatment plan that will serve you in the long run, ensuring to clear any doubts and queries you may have about the treatment and its benefits as well as any side effects to look out for.

Benefits of Radiofrequency Lipolysis:

*Non-invasive treatment
*No anesthesia is required
*No downtime
*Painless procedure
*Provides a simple solution for fat removal
*Effective against stretch marks and wrinkle effect
*Provides strengthened and flexible skin
*Doesn’t demand a lot of time and doesn’t limit physical activity
*Skin improves because of collagen production

Why Should You Get Radiofrequency Lipolysis Treatment?

If you are looking to improve your skin quality or reduce fat in your body, this treatment is best for you as it is non-invasive, painless, has minimal risks attached and comparatively cheaper to other invasive treatments. You would be able to see results in just a few sessions. We adhere to quality controls to ensure you get visible results in no time.

Pre-Treatment Condition:

This treatment is a non-surgical method which aims to reduce cellulite as well aim at the tightening and reshaping of the body. It is a popular treatment opted for being safe.

However before setting the treatment appointment, you will have a consultation session with our experienced physician who will determine how to proceed so to ensure that you gain the maximum benefits and determine if the treatment is indeed the ideal solution for your weight and body image concerns.

Also, this treatment isn’t suited for certain cases. These include:

*Pregnant women or those who breastfeed

*There is a strong case of inflammation, infection or bacterial dermatitis

*You are suffering from certain blood clot disorders

*You have had a case of tumour diseases or are prone to having one

*Subjected to diabetes or other conditions like epilepsy

* Have certain immune disease or long-lasting allergies

* Have health concerns including heart diseases, or have had the placement of a pacemaker or metal implants in the body

In case of the administration of blood-thinning medications, if your physician gives you the green signal, it is best to discontinue it before the treatment and a few days after so to ensure you don’t face any further accumulated health problems.

Why Should You Choose Al Qudrah Medical Center for Radiofrequency Lipolysis?

Being one of the best medical centers for such procedures, Al Qudrah provides best service and technology to help you achieve your desired body shape. It is important that you benefit from our professional advice based on your individual case in order to get what is best for you.

Al Qudrah makes sure that your desires are always put first and you are able to have a say in the treatment you get. Along with our experienced professionals, we also provide safe and secure environment with latest technology available for you. We invite you to visit our medical center and learn more about the facilities we offer. Alternatively, you can call us and set up an appointment with us.

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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

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We are here to provide you with the complete know-how on getting the most from our list of services offered. Here are answers to your most common concerns regarding these services.

If your query isn’t answered here, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team of professionals at Al-Qudrah Medical Center.

Is Radiofrequency Lipolysis safe?

This is a safe procedure as the radio waves do not harm body cells. The device is held at a few centimetres distance from your skin and does not touch your body. Also, it is non-invasive. At Al-Qudrah, we ensure that all technology used by us is safe and secure for usage.

How long does results of Radiofrequency lipolysis last?

It depends on how long the span of treatment is. Skin continues to improve because of collagen production over coming months. Results typically last for 6 months but they can vary case to case.

Does radiofrequency burn fat?

This procedure is usually used to increase the skin temperature which helps fat reduction without the need of epidermal ablation.

How much does radiofrequency lipolysis cost?

The cost varies based on region and what your desired results are.

Are there any associated risks with radiofrequency lipolysis?

While there haven’t been major reported concerns with this certain treatment, some patients have reported of suffering from mild erythema.

Does this treatment help in skin tightening?

This treatment focuses on heating the skin which stimulates collagen production, helping improve wrinkles, appearance and assisting in skin tightening.

Does this procedure need anaesthesia?

No, radiofrequency lipolysis is done without anaesthesia.

What are the pre-requisites to follow in order to recover from radiofrequency lipolysis?

There are no restrictions imposed on what sort of activities to refrain from.

Who isn’t considered fit for this kind of treatment?

Those who have sagging, or loose skin won’t be able to see major effects of this treatment.

How advanced is radiofrequency lipolysis?

It has been increasing in popularity as there has been a significant rise in cases. There have also been state-of-the art updates to the existing approaches.

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