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Skin Analysis

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Skin analysis tells you a lot about the condition of your skin and if you need to undergo any treatment to treat any skin issues.

Al Qudrah Medical Center provides you with an opportunity to undergo this process in a safe environment in Sharjah. Let’s understand what skin analysis is and how you can benefit from it

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May 2022


What is Skin Analysis?

Skin analysis is mostly done on your face to determine skin’s condition. During skin analysis, the analyst closely observes your skin to determine any treatments for it, if needed. The analyst determines the type of skin you have i.e. oily, dry, aging, or sensitive skin which is shown under the UV light.

The doctors might also ask you about your medical history and eating habits to better make sense of your skin. Any other skin deformities because of acne scarring, pimples, or other skin conditions are observed closely. Skin wrinkles and fine lines are also taken into account. The skin is observed and described based on its dryness, roughness, scars, firmness, redness, and other such factors.

After the analysis, you are informed about your skin’s condition and any remedies or precautions you may need to take care of your skin. If there is a severe problem, you can be prescribed a treatment to get rid of it.

The Al-Qudrah Commitment to You:

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Preparatory Process

Skin analysis helps doctors in diagnosing and recommending you with future treatments. It is one of those initial preparatory processes that reveals any shortcomings in your skin by taking images of your face.

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Safe Treatment Practices

At Al Qudrah, we invest in safe treatment practices and machines that provide results you desire. It is our top priority to provide our patients with a secure and comfortable environment.

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Best Quality Service

Our amazing staff with years of experience together with our focus on innovation and technology sets us apart from other providers in terms of service quality.

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Latest Technology

We invest in latest innovations in technology in order to incorporate them in our practices. This helps us in providing you with best services and results.

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Expert Advice

Our experts give you honest opinions about results of this procedure based on your skin condition. They also let you know what’s best for you so that your selected service is oriented towards your goal.

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No Health Hazard

This procedure is non-invasive and without any risks to health and safety.

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Why is Skin Analysis Important?

The skin is responsible for protecting us from outside elements. It also provides us information about what is happening inside our bodies as indications of bodily conditions that can show up on our skin in the form of rashes, pimples and like. This information can likely be used to ascertain the problems inside the body.

A thorough analysis of the skin can diagnose any problems with the skin or any underlying conditions which can be solved while also dealing with any possible issues that might appear in future through preventive care. The skin analysis can give you a clear picture of the current state of your skin for which a treatment plan can be devised. By detecting any possible issues early on, it can reduce the amount of treatments that might be needed as well as the associated costs.

How To Get Best Results in Skin Analysis?

Skin analysis involves a careful assessment of your skin’s condition, taking into account any aspects that may be damaging to your skin’s health. This includes skin type, underlying medical conditions, sun exposure and daily skin care routine.

In order to achieve best results, you need to make sure that your skin analysis is thorough. Skin Scanner can help bring you best results, by revealing an accurate diagnosis of your skin. A UV camera takes a snapshot of the condition of your skin which allows your doctor to see what you otherwise cannot.

This imaging tool is the most important component of this procedure; giving accurate depiction of inner condition of your skin. Along with modern technology, manual checks are also important. They can check moisture level and pH balance of your skin. This means a combination of technology and manual checking will provide you with best results.

Components of Skin Analysis

A skin analysis determines the type of skin you have such as normal, dry, oily and combination skin It is important to know that your skin type can change as you age. Some main components that are important in considering your skin type are:

*Wrinkles and lines
*Pore size
*Skin tone
*Skin texture
*Skin spots
*Sun damage

Your analyst discusses all these observations at the end of your analysis and suggests any facial treatments or remedies that you may need to improve your skin. Based on your skin, you may also be prescribed to use certain products suited to your skin type. This process is also used by skincare companies who suggest customers to use their products based on the skin types.

results based treatments done after skin analysis

Why Should I Get Skin Analysis Done?

If you have skin problems or just care about your skin even in the absence of the problems, this step helps you understand your skin at a deeper level. It can also let you know of any problems early on so that you can potentially prevent them from happening.

It is not a treatment that has to be prescribed only. You can undergo this process to understand your skin. If needed, you can sign up for other facial treatments to help improve your skin. What is important is that this process helps you keep in control of the health of your skin.

If you are diagnosed with any problem and you undergo a treatment, you are recommended to take another skin analysis to know how your skin has improved during this process.

What Happens During Skin Analysis

A few things which are routine that take place during your skin analysis regime are:

*Determining skin type- whether you have normal, oily, dry or a combination of both is figured out. This is found through how much oil your skin is producing. While your skin type is all set as per your genes and family history, interestingly it can change overtime.

This is important to know so to determine what skin analysis techniques and products to deploy during treatment to ensure you don’t get any harsh side effects like reddened skin, scars, or rashes.

Figuring out the skin conditions- aside from knowing what skin type you have, the next important step is determining what are the underlying skin conditions which need addressing. At Al-Qudrah, we have a capable team of skin specialists who will carefully determine your skin conditions. While there may be some you yourself are well-aware of, there will be some which you don’t have complete clarity over. Some common conditions our team diagnoses are wrinkles, blackheads, any sun damage, effects of dehydration, among others.

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Al Qudrah Medical Center in Sharjah is one of the best places to get skin treatments. We provide best technology for skin treatments and analysis. Our knowledgeable team of professionals takes you through the process using their expertise. Feel free to contact us and take an appointment so that we can give you the best service for skin treatments in Sharjah. Our team will be happy to facilitate you in any way you can.

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May 2022

Changing Lives One Smile At A Time!

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We are here to provide you with the complete know-how on getting the most from our list of services offered. Here are answers to your most common concerns regarding these services.

If your query isn’t answered here, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our team of professionals at Al-Qudrah Medical Center.

What is skin analysis?

Skin analysis is the portion of a professional facial when your aesthetician examines your skin, identifies your skin type and prescribes a personalized at-home regime.

What are the skin types?

Normally skin condition is explained through five types: normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.

What is the purpose of skin analysis?

Skin analysis is the process of looking at a patient’s skin to determine how healthy it is. The goal is to really identify key areas for improvement within someone’s skin regime.

Can an aesthetician complete skin analysis?

Yes! The analysis begins after your aesthetician thoroughly cleanses your face and removes any trace of dirt or make up.

Why do we do skin analysis?

What’s important about skin analysis is that it gives you a clear picture of the current state of your skin, from which a treatment plan can be made. Also, by detecting any possible issues early it can reduce the amount of treatments that might be needed, as well as the associated costs involved.

What is next after skin analysis?

Your skin analysis reveals what your next treatment should be. Your doctors can make recommendations about your treatments and you can follow these treatments to achieve desired results.

What is face mapping skin analysis?

Face mapping is a revolutionary approach to skin analysis. Rather than analysing the skin in general terms, face mapping divides the skin into 14 distinct zones each with its own set of potential problems and unique needs.

How do you carry out a skin analysis?

Skin analysis is the part of a professional facial when the aesthetician covers your eyes with cool cotton pads and looks at your skin underneath a brightly lit “mag lamp” to determine your skin type, skin conditions, and the best course of treatment, both during your facial and with home products.

What is the purpose of a toner?

Toner removes any last traces of dirt, grime and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. When added to your daily skincare routine and used regularly, it can have major positive impact on the appearance and tightness of your pores.

Is it enough to have skin analysis done once?

Coming back to us after having done skin analysis once at Al Qudrah lets us monitor the progress and effectiveness of your skincare treatments.

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