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Vitamin E Benefits For Overall Health and Skin

Vitamin E Benefits For Overall Health and Skin

by Azka Munir · June 5, 2021

Vitamin E Benefits include better vision, good skin, healthy mind and body.

It is found in poultry, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and vegetable oils.

Moreover, it is antioxidant and fat-soluble.

This article discusses its benefits and uses so that you can remain healthy and fit.


Vitamin E Benefits For Health

Vitamin E contains eight different compounds.

It can treat Vitamin E deficiency which is present in premature infants or people with genetic disorders.

Though it also generally important for your overall health and well-being.

However, it should be taken in moderation and avoid high doses of vitamin.

vitamin e benefits for health

The cells in your body are vulnerable to oxidation.This happens when cells get in contact with free radicals.

They break down cells and make them weak resulting in cardiac diseases and cancer.

Vitamin E, however, is an antioxidant. Hence, it helps to reduce the risk of damage that free radicals cause.

Therefore, it will reduce the aging of your cells, including skin aging.

Though, it is better to eat foods rich in Vitamin E rather than take supplements for its antioxidant properties.

Moreover, they can provide you additional protection if you are in places with more exposure to free radicals or if you have certain lifestyle habits that can pose a risk for it.

For instance, if you smoke cigarettes or use other forms of tobacco smoke then your body gets exposed to free radical molecules and oxidize cells.

Though environmental factors such as more air pollution and exposure to UV rays of the sun without using sunscreen can also damage the cells.

Hence, if you take them beforehand then you are basically protecting yourself from any damage that your lifestyle or the environment could cause you.

Other than that, Vitamin E is useful for diseases such as:

  • Fatty Liver

If you have the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease then you may see significant changes in your health if you take Vitamin E supplements.

However, an excess could also lead to insulin resistance.

  • Alzheimer’s disease

There are mixed results on the efficacy of oral supplements in relation to Alzheimer’s disease.

Some research shows that taking this vitamin might slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Though, it works for people who have it a mild to a moderate degree.

However, other studies do not show such results and say that it has no effects at all on progression.

  • Ataxia

Ataxia is a hereditary disease that causes Vitamin E deficiency and affects motor control.

Oral supplements or vitamin E capsule can help overcome the deficiency and treat the condition.


Vitamin E Benefits: Skin

Not only is Vitamin E good for your overall health but it also has numerous benefits for your skin, face and hair.

Other than Vitamin E foods and supplements, your face, skin and hair could use some Vitamin E Oil.

It seeps directly underneath your skin to work on it when you lightly tap it.

vitamin e oil

HyperpigmentationThe color pigment in the skin known as melanin gives the skin its color.

In certain areas, there is excess melanin production which leads to dark patches.

You can treat it by using Topical Vitamin E in the form of oil, serums, creams or mask.

However, a more effective way to treat hyperpigmentation is to use it with a Vitamin C serum.

Acne Scars

Vitamin E is mildly effective against acne scars.

It promotes blood circulation and there have been a few effective results.

However, it does not result in healing hence, it may not heal the scars and only give mild results.

Slows Down Aging and Prevents Wrinkles

As it contains antioxidants, it prevents cell damage to your skin.

Therefore it protects the skin from free radicals and aging quickly.

Moreover, it increases blood circulation which can affect the skin cells and smoothen the appearance of wrinkles.

In fact, it also delays the onset of wrinkles known as photoaging.

The increase in blood circulation helps to make the skin more firm and smooth because of more collagen and elastin.

Apply oil or a mask and lather it fully on your face to see results.

Include it in your skincare routine and use it consistently to notice the difference.

Makes Lips Smoother

One property of vitamin E is to promote cell turnover and regenerate them.

Hence, if you dry, cracked and chapped lips, then you can also use a topical cream or oil on your lips.

This will help to bring new cells to the surface of your lips quicker than usual.

Moreover, the oil and creams usually have thick consistency hence, using them on lips will give you softer lips for long and they will not irritate you.

Apply the oil on your lips along with the rest of your face.

Your face and lips both will become smooth and softer.


Use and Side Effects

By knowing all of these benefits, you may want to increase your Vitamin E intake.

However, excess of everything is wrong, especially when it comes to vitamins.

Taking lots of Vitamin E supplements can cause the risk of developing prostate cancer.

using capsule

You need to be careful about the amount you take when you consume it orally.Less than 1000 mg daily is safe. This amounts to 1100 IU synthetic vitamin and 1500IU natural vitamin.

Though, if you take more than that then you may suffer the following conditions:


*Intestinal cramps

*Blurry Vision





*More creatine in urine


*Gonadal Dysfunction

Also, if you are already suffering from a disease or are generally in poor health then you should consult your doctor before taking the supplements.

There is a risk of death if you consume them in poor health conditions.

It can cause death if you have a prior history of heart attack or stroke.

You should definitely consult your doctor beforehand if you have diabetes, heart conditions, liver problems, or stroke.

You should also take into account bleeding disorders, head and neck cancer, Vitamin K deficiency and damage to the retina.

Hence, make sure that you describe your medical history to your doctor before you get the supplements in case they do not worsen your condition or turn out to be fatal.

Especially if you have a medical procedure or surgery, then you should stop taking Vitamin E before 2 weeks as it can increase the risk of bleeding.

Similarly, you should stop taking them if you plan to have a procedure to stimulate normal blood circulation by opening artery blockage in an angioplasty procedure.

Moreover, taking the supplements over the recommended amount of 1000 mg is perhaps unsafe.

Also, it is usually safe to apply to the skin and on your face.

There have been rare cases of itchiness and swelling but it is generally safe.

Though it is completely unsafe to inhale it in e-cigarettes.

Vitamin E acetate can cause lung injuries and is extremely dangerous to inhale via vaping.

Hence, it is generally safe if you use it in the proper amount and do not overdose.



While you can definitely get vitamins in supplements, it is better to also get them from food.

You can get enough nutrients in fruits and vegetables but there are certain foods that contain good amounts of vitamin E.

Read below to know what are these Vitamin E foods and how much vitamin content do they contain.

source foods

Nuts such as hazelnut, peanut and almonds are a good source of Vitamin E.About 1 ounce of dry, roasted hazelnuts contains around 4.3 mg of Vitamin E.

Similarly, an ounce of dry roasted peanuts and roasted almonds contains about 2.2 mg and 6.8 mg of the vitamin content respectively.

Vegetables such as broccoli and spinach have a high content of nutrients.

Half cup boiled spinach contains 1.9 mg and half cup broccoli which is chopped and boiled has 1.2 mg of Vitamin E.

Fruits are an equally good source even in a small portion.

A medium-sized kiwi has about 1.1 mg of vitamin content.

A half cup of sliced mango contains around about 0.7 mg and a raw tomato will have the same quantity as well.

Sunflower seeds are a really good source too as dry and roasted seeds have about 7.4 mg of Vitamin E content.

Including It In Your Diet

Now, you must be wondering, how to include that in your diet.

You can add oils containing Vitamin E into your balanced diet.

Such as tablespoon of wheat germ oil can be part of your food while cooking.

Other than that you can simply munch on the nuts and seeds though, remember to not overdo it as they already contain a high amount of vitamin and nutrient content.

You can also make a fruit salad containing mangos and kiwi.

Or you could make a vegetable salad and include spinach, broccoli and tomatoes.

You can complement the two with nuts for extra flavor and vitamin content.

Hence, you have got many ways to include it in your diet.

As far as the skin is concerned, you can buy a Vitamin E oil or serum.

Though, Vitamin E masks are pretty popular too that you can wear overnight.

Other than that you do have supplements and capsules that you can easily measure and use accordingly to avoid excess.


This article covered the Vitamin E benefits for your health and skin.

If you want to add it to your life, do so steadily.

Add one time full of Vitamin E in your diet and then build up on that, similarly use oil or mask once or twice a week and steadily increase the frequency as well.

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