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Weight Loss: The Ultimate Guide (Updated 2020)

by Mehr Jan · October 8, 2020

It’s considered as one of the biggest dilemmas you might face: How to lose weight fast?
You will see endless programmers, online offers, killer promotions and fad diets, promising you the ultimate look. But the question is : do these actually work?

Most of them are usually spam, hence don’t fall for it. Know what’s the real deal. Know this: All it takes is a “Yes” or “No” to lose weight. Commit to not being a couch potato and ‘Say Yes’ to working out. Don’t fall for those over-the-counter crash diet plans and opt to having healthy meals. A balanced diet, natural remedies, and regular exercise can help you to trim off the fatty deposits you are carrying.

Weight gain is a major obstacle towards a healthy lifestyle, mental health issues and longer lifespans.

In severe cases, excessive weight gain even leads to body shaming and personality disorders. It may sound intimidating however, the reality can never be masked.

There is no Magic Wand to Weight Loss (Fast)

eating healthy is key to weight loss

Nothing ever happens in a blink of an eye, the same phenomenon applies for weight loss.

Trimming off your weight requires a lot of patience, dedication, determination and consistency. However, the speed of gaining or losing weight solely depends upon YOU and your diet plans.

It is often heard “you are what you eat.”

Obviously the diet speaks itself. Being overweight and giving your stomach a treat of loaded fries and cheesy pizzas might overwhelm your tastebuds but will not spear your weight.

On the contrary, a balanced diet will keep you in perfect shape, energetic and healthy.

5 Natural Remedies To Weight Loss

Natural remedies never invite the side effects to your weight loss plan. Start your day with warm water and the lemon juice. It will help in regulating the metabolic system resulting in maintaining the body weight.

1.Plant-Based Foods

Make raw salads and fresh fruits part of your routine. Add up plant-based foods in your grocery lists like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, pumpkin, eggplant, tofu, cabbage, celery, tomato, spinach, cucumber,  and lettuce.

Welcome grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds to your diet plan as you don’t need to keep a check on calorie intake as well.

Toss away the fried snacks and give a chance to the steamed, baked or boiled ones to reveal their magic to lose weight. Introduce white meat, especially salmon, halibut and scallops for weight loss.

Prefer brown rice over white rice. Place a green checkmark in front of vegetables either in a baked, boiled, steamed or in raw form in each of your meals.


2.Detox Diet

Detox diets result in short-term dietary changes, eradicate the toxins from the body and boost your g the energy levels. By getting rid of these toxins, weight loss may occur.

Self-reliance is another key to lose weight. Guess how? Prefer doing every task on your own. Don’t shout on the youngest ones to lend you the glass of water. This will help in keeping you active.

Holding the glass of soda and insanely partying with friends is not a good idea on weekends – if weight loss is your target. Intake of soda cans deposits 400 calories and 80 grams of carbohydrates (equivalent to five slices of bread).

3. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to produce a variety of results. Unbelievable, but true wearing vanilla perfumes and scenting vanilla pods helps to reduce food cravings.

The blue colour functions as an appetite suppressant. As backed by science people eat 33 percent less in a blue room and in blue lights. Any clue why does blue light suppresses appetites? The colour blue makes food look less appealing.

4.Intermittent Fasting

how restricting and fasting helps

Short term fasts once in a week or consuming short meals per day is called IF or intermittent fasting.

Science has come up with a fact that short-term intermittent fasting assists in rapidly reducing weight and even proves to be helpful for overweight people.

Intermittent fasting can be followed by several methods:

  • Alternate day fasting (ADF)
  • The Five to Two Ratio Diet
  • The 16/8 method

It is highly recommended to avoid overeating and to follow a healthy eating pattern on non-fasting days.

5. Emotional Intelligence – A Key To Weight Loss

Right after your last breakup pretty sure you must have tried to eat a lot of junk food (greasy, salty, sweet or might be sour) without even noticing what havoc it is playing with your weight. Alas!

Traumatic experiences of your life do impact the dietary habits and surely troubles the eating patterns and later cause what you called? Eating Disorders.

Eating disorders that are specifically caused by stress release cortisol hormones that stay longer in your bloodstream. Resulting in increased appetite and more hunger pangs.

Emotional setback plus the stress of being overweight troubles the hell out of a person. Therefore, it is essential to opt for mindful eating if you want to lose weight fastly.

Adjust your sitting posture while eating, eat without distractions, eat slowly and reconsider your food choices. Also, don’t forget to make sure you manage your emotions wisely because negative emotions are notorious for weight gain.

7  Scientifically Proven Ways To Lose Your Weight Fast

Science has defeated all those insane ways of diet plans which leave you hungry and discontent. In fact, it has come up with logical ways that can instantly reduce your weight.

However, before kicking into the science-based methods of reducing weight it is a must to keep in mind that you need to monitor your diet plan regularly.

1. Forget About Carbs

The Western diet is rich in refined carbohydrates which is one of the major cause of obesity in Europe.

A mouth-watering pasta you eat, a bowl full of white rice and that bread layered with peanut butter are few of the examples of the food containing refined carbohydrates that no longer contain fibre.

Thankfully, science has at least proved that carbs ruin your plans of losing weight at the beginning of every new year resolution.

Refined carbs are quick to digest and gets converted to glucose in no time.

Excess glucose enters into your bloodstream and provokes insulin hormone which is accountable for storing fats in the adipose tissue.

Cutting off carbs from your diet lowers the insulin level, allowing the kidneys to release excess sodium and water which reduces bloating and unneeded weight of water.

2. Healthy Fats & Proteins – Thumbs Up

Protein-rich diets play an active role to suppress your cravings and obsessive thoughts about unhealthy foods.

Meat, seafood, eggs and plant-based proteins are the major sources of high protein diet. Besides protein diet, it is equally important to eat healthy fats.

Waving goodbye to carbs and fats at the same time can drastically lower your energy levels. Hence, itis always advisable to be friends with the food containing good fats.

3. Your Friendly Gut Bacteria Is Happy with Fiber Intake

Bacteria are not always as bad as they have created an image in your mind. Different bacteria play different roles to keep you alive. Yes! You heard it right. To keep you alive.

Bacteria function differently mainly according to the needs of your body organs. They are accountable for managing your weight, controlling blood sugar, functioning your brain and boosting immunity

Approximately 100 trillion bacteria reside in your gut, mainly in the large intestine. Hence, like other living species, bacteria need to feed for staying healthy.

Bacteria in your body feed on soluble fiber which passes through your digestive system, reaches to your guts, digested by the bacteria in guts and gets the energy to function properly.

Probiotic fibers benefit your gut bacteria and equally assist in reducing your body weight.

4. Watch Your Night-Time Cravings

Those snacks right before you tune in to watch your favorite TV serials before bedtime can really set you back.

According to the research conducted at Northwestern University, people enjoying night time snacks gain 250 more calories than the people who avoid such miserable diet mistakes. Eventually, it results in a gain of 2 pounds per month.

If you re also among the late-night eaters make sure you get yourself off from the charts or at least prefer healthy snacks before bedtime.

5. Enjoy Your Meal – Take It Slow

consume small meals

Mindful eating is all about being completely aware of what you eat, how you eat and how you feel after eating or drinking. It even incorporates the satisfaction, taste and fullness you experience after having your meal.

Mindful eating can help you to avoid unhealthy food choices as it creates a strong connection between your body and the texture, flavor and color of the food you are eating. Extra calories is never good for you. Focus on consuming only as much as you need.

Eating slowly and enjoying every bite of your food is also part of mindful eating. However, it never means that you start practicing to become a Zen master.

Also adapt diet and exercise in your routine to attain amazing results.

In Short

Food is fuel for the body but healthy food is fuel for your soul. Eat wisely and see how it pays off on your body. Eat by avoiding those  crazy cravings, adapt healthy eating and get ready to see that fantastic body transformation!

How to lose weight fast is a question that needs to be answered by veteran nutritionists and dietitians.

However, this article has given general guidelines on healthy weight loss. It has been compiled keeping in account all the important aspects of health, balanced diet and authentic facts.

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