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Zoom Teeth Whitening: Procedure and Aftercare

Zoom Teeth Whitening: Procedure and Aftercare

by Azka Munir · June 14, 2021

Do you have yellow teeth and stains that prevent you from smiling? Well, then you should hurry to get a Zoom Teeth Whitening session.

This is a much faster way to whiten your teeth instead of using traditional home remedies or whitening systems available at home.

This article discusses this procedure. Read more to learn how it can quickly whiten your teeth.


Why Do You Have Stains?

The stains on your teeth can be extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are on the surface whereas intrinsic ones are inside.

Hence, it is more difficult to remove intrinsic stains and you will require a whitening treatment to remove them.

The yellow color in your teeth is a result of staining and discoloration.

There are several factors at play that discolor your teeth and turn them yellow, brown, or gray.

teeth stains

The yellow color in your teeth is a result of staining and discoloration.There are several factors at play that discolor your teeth and turn them yellow, brown, or gray.

These include:

Extrinsic Stains Because of Food and Oral Habits

The food you consume leaves stains on your teeth.

Colored foods and drinks like coffee, balsamic vinegar, red wine, tea, soda, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and berries have pigments that stick to the enamel giving it color.

The tannins present in coffee and tea, stick to the teeth giving them a yellow hue.

Similarly, dressings and berries can also leave a stain.

These foods are also acidic hence they eventually wear down the enamel exposing the dentin.

Moreover, if you eat these sugary and acidic foods but do not maintain proper oral hygiene then that builds up plaque.

Plaque and tartar buildup can stain your teeth if you do not remove the stuck food by brushing and flossing regularly.

It can also cause gum disease.

Similarly, smoking and chewing tobacco can also harm the teeth and give them a brown hue.

Fluorosis which is overexposure to fluoride (like fluoride toothpaste, fluoridated water, fluoride mouthwash) can all cause yellow, white or brown spots on the surface of the tooth.

You can remove extrinsic stains by trying teeth whitening home remedies and by using whitening systems at home.

intrinsic stains

Intrinsic Stains Due to Injury, Diseases or Aging

Your teeth can stain because of an injury that cracks your tooth and hurts the enamel.

Furthermore, some diseases, infections and their treatment can also discolor your tooth enamel.

This includes neck chemotherapy and radiation as well as infections during pregnancy which can stain the dentition of the fetus.

Children younger than 8 can stain their dentin and enamel if they take tetracyclines.

The same goes for pregnant mothers taking tetracyclines during pregnancy or when mothers lactate which could stain their child’s teeth.

Also, as you age and get older, your dentin gets darker.

The dentin is the lightest in baby teeth and is covered by highly calcified and thick tooth enamel.

However, as you age the dentin becomes darker and the enamel wears down exposing the dentin.

Another reason is teeth grinding.

If you grind your teeth excessively then they will lose shape as well as their structure and enamel.

Hence, again exposing the dark dentin.

In order to remove intrinsic stains, you need to visit the dentist.

Home remedies and whitening products can only remove surface stains but they are ineffective on the dentin.

Hence, you will have to book a whitening treatment to get rid of these stains and smile to your fullest.

One of these is Zoom Teeth Whitening that we discuss below!


Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

Before the procedure, consult with your dentist if this is the best procedure for you.

They will look at gum and teeth health to find out if this is the best procedure for you.

If you have a strong gag reflex, then they may recommend you to go for Laser Dental Whitening instead.

zoom teeth whitening procedure

They will also ask about your routine and oral habits to analyze if you will benefit from the treatment.

For example, if you smoke then the treatment will go useless after a while.

Also, you will require this treatment before other procedures such as veneers, bonding or after braces.

Your dentist will also check if you have cavities or decay and need some other procedure before whitening.

The whitening gel can cause complications in existing gingivitis or periodontal disease, hence, you need to first treat that before you get whitening.

Also, you need to tell your dentist if you have a peroxide allergy because that will make this whitening process impossible for you.

This procedure is not suitable for children under the age of 13  and pregnant and lactating mothers.

Pregnant mothers should avoid any peroxide getting in contact with their mouth as it may harm the baby.

If this does not apply to you, then you can begin the procedure.

They will measure the shade of your teeth and see the extent of whiter teeth you can get.

Once, that’s done, they will begin the procedure.

woman getting zoom teeth whitening treatment

Procedure – Whitening in Office

First, your dentist will place a shield covering your lips and gums.

This will help protect your gums and lips from the bleaching agent.

Next, they will begin by applying the whitening gel to your teeth.

This gel contains hydrogen peroxide and with the help of a special light (LED-light accelerated technology), the hydrogen peroxide breaks into oxygen and delivers it to the dentin.

Hence, the oxygen penetrates the enamel and whitens it as well as the dentin.

The gel also contains Amorphous Calcium Phosphate which can reduce the sensitivity of your teeth.

It also improves the luster of your teeth and helps you endure the procedure without making the teeth super sensitive.

This process is repeated 3 to 4 times for 15 minutes each till you reach the desired shade.

You will see better results on yellow teeth and you can choose the extent of whiteness you want.

Hence, you can get up to 8 times whiter teeth in under an hour.

Your teeth may feel slightly sensitive and your dentist will recommend you to take some aftercare measures.

More on that below!

before and after treatment results

Results and After Care

The whitening effect of one Dental Whitening session can last up to one to four years.

This depends on how well you take care of your teeth after the treatment.

If you go back to your unhygienic oral habits then your teeth will soon discolor.

However, if you take special care then they can maintain their whiteness.

Be wary of any colored foods and drinks for the next 72 hours.

Also reduce your coffee, tea and soda intake.

Moreover, stop smoking as tobacco use can cause your teeth to stain yellowish-brown again in less time.

Hence, you will render your treatment useless.

Regularly brush and floss to remove plaque daily and prevent its accumulation.

Also, use mouthwash and eat crunchy fruits and vegetables.

You may feel teeth sensitivity immediately after the procedure for a day or half of it.

Your dentist will first apply an anti-sensitivity gel before the procedure so that you are not disturbed by the cool tingling sensation of the gel and the heat of the light.

They will follow the procedure by applying a fluoride gel to reduce any sensitivity that you could feel in the teeth.

Furthermore, your dentist will provide you with an at-home whitening kit.

This kit consists of a mouthguard to use for about 45 minutes a day.

Pour the whitening gel into the mouthguard and wear it to retain the results of the whitening.

This is an optional product but it can give you similar results to that of the in-office session.

However, The Zoom home kit will take much longer to show results and requires a high amount of commitment.

Your dentist can also suggest whitening toothpaste to maintain results and to visit them every 6 months.

Regular dental visits will clean plaque and prevent staining.


Is Zoom Teeth Whitening For You?

There are other teeth whitening systems available such as whitening toothpaste, gels and mouth trays.

Also, laser dental whitening is another whitening dental procedure that you can opt for.

So what should you go for? Laser or Zoom?

Find out below!

laser dental treatment

Laser Whitening is quite similar to Zoom Whitening.

It uses a peroxide base gel on the teeth and also uses laser light to oxidize the gel to deliver it to the enamel.

However, the laser beam is very narrow, hence the dentist will treat each tooth individually.

This does not guarantee an even color whereas zoom whitening treats all the teeth at the same time hence, the shade of all teeth is even.

Also, Zoom does not use infrared energy while laser whitening does and exposes you to a lot of infrared emissions.

Zoom produces much faster results than laser however, it is easier to bear a laser whitening treatment.

You need 3 to 4 back-to-back Zoom whitening treatments while you will only require one laser treatment.

Hence, it is easier to tolerate especially for people who have a strong gag reflex and may feel anxious.

A laser can help target specific teeth if you only need whitening in a few teeth rather than all of them which Zoom does.

Regarding whitening systems, all of them take much longer than dental treatment.

Also, the results are not that strong because they use less concentration of peroxide gel.

Hence, choose what’s best for you depending on the kind of results you want.


You can get Zoom Teeth Whitening in your lunch break and can go about your day as usual.

Whiter teeth will help you smile more confidently also raising your self-esteem.

They will make you less conscious in public situations and raise your self-esteem.

Furthermore, whitening and cleaning your teeth will promote oral health.

This process requires cleaning and that can prevent you from gum disease and other oral health problems.

If you are shying away from getting a whitening treatment but are still hiding your smile because of staining then it is high time you avail this treatment.

After all, it is a very simple and quick procedure bringing about results immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with your dentist soon to flaunt your beautiful whiter smile!


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